Child’s Future Height Calculator

The text “whitespace-pre-wrap break-words” is displayed.A program called the Child’s Future Height Calculator uses the child’s current age, height, gender, and parental heights to predict the child’s probable adult height range. Although a number of factors may affect the final height, by providing this data, a forecast is generated through growth calculations. A fun method for projecting potential future height.

Child Height Predictor

5 Methods to Estimate Your Child’s Future Height

Mid-Parental Method (Average Height Method)

  • Add the mother’s and father’s heights and divide by 2 to get the mid-parental height.
  • For a girl’s future height, subtract 2.5 inches from mid-parental height.
  • For a boy’s future height, add 2.5 inches to mid-parental height.
  • Margin of error is about 4 inches.

Khamis-Roche Method

  • Most accurate without determining skeletal age.
  • Calculates using parents’ heights, child’s current height/weight/gender.
  • For boys, may differ from actual by 2.1 inches. For girls, 1.7 inches.
  • Developed based on Caucasian children, may be less accurate for other ethnicities.

Bone Age Method

  • X-ray of left hand/wrist/fingers to determine bone/skeletal age.
  • Compares images to bone development atlas.
  • Allows prediction of adult height and puberty timing.
  • Diagnoses abnormal growth or hormone disorders.

Growth Charts

  • Doctors track child’s height, weight, BMI, head size over time on standardized charts.
  • Charts indicate if progressing at a normal rate.
  • Provides estimate of potential adult height based on curve.

2 x 2 Method (Multiplier Method)

  • Measure boy at 2 years old, girl at 1.5 years. Double that height.
  • No evidence supporting accuracy, but an easy method.
  • E.g. Boy’s height 3 feet at 2 years estimates 6 feet adult height

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