NuBest Tall Growth Protein Powder, Chocolate Shake

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NuBest Tall Protein: A delicious chocolate shake fortified with protein, probiotics, omega fatty acids, vitamins D3, K2, calcium, and 20+ other essential vitamins and minerals. Designed for picky eaters aged 2+ and teens, this nutrient-dense shake supports optimal height growth, energy levels, digestion, immunity, and overall development. Just one shake per day provides complete nutritional support.


Criteria Details
Product Name NuBest Tall Chocolate Flavor Powder
Brand NuBest
Product Type Growth Protein Powder
Main Benefits Supports height growth, provides essential protein and nutrients for the development of children and teenagers
Key Ingredients – Protein from milk and soy

– Vitamin D3

– Vitamin K2

– Calcium

– Magnesium

– Zinc

– Hydrolyzed Collagen

– Essential Amino Acids

Target Users Children and teenagers, especially those in their growth stages
Flavor Chocolate
Net Weight 600g
Usage Instructions – Mix 1-2 scoops of powder with 200-250ml of water or milk

– Take 1-2 times daily

Notable Features – Special formula to optimally support height growth

– Contains essential nutrients for strong bones and muscle development

– Delicious and easy-to-drink chocolate flavor

Benefits – Helps optimize height growth

– Provides protein and nutrients for overall development

– Supports bone and joint health

Usage Precautions – This product is not a medicine and does not replace medical treatments

– Consult a doctor before use if you have any health concerns

User Reviews Most users highly rate the product for its effectiveness in supporting height growth and overall health for children and teenagers, with a delicious and easy-to-use flavor.
Price Varies depending on the distributor and region

1 review for NuBest Tall Growth Protein Powder, Chocolate Shake

  1. Chloe Thai

    Nubest Tall Kids Protein Powder is a fantastic choice for parents. It delivers a delicious, smooth, and creamy vanilla flavor that kids love, making it easy to incorporate into their daily routine. The packaging is both appealing and functional, with a tightly sealing cap. Overall, this kid-approved protein powder with its great taste and convenient design makes ensuring proper nutrition for growing children a breeze.

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