10+ Best Hoverboards for kids (Nov. 2018) – Review & Buyer’s Guide

​Ever thought about gifting your kids something that will make their day unforgettable?

How about a Hoverboard?

Kids love those!

We can say that the happiness you will see on your child’s face will be priceless when they are unboxing their Hoverboard!

Owning a Hoverboard is pretty much every kids dream right now.

But for those parents who are not geeky techies, it might seem a hard task to buy a ​hoverboard which is right for their kids.

If you are one of them,


We are at the rescue!

The number one priority as a parent for you would be overseeing the safety of your kids.


You even might have heard that some of these hoverboards are catching fire or are exploding.

The answer to that is YES, some do actually have that problem.


To solve that problem, we have come up with Best 10 hoverboards reviews which are completely safe and are certified by UL2272 for safety.

These UL2272 certified hoverboards are completely safe for you or your kids. Safety problem solved!

We have spent nearly 40 hours in finding and reviewing these best hoverboards for you.
So, go on and read the reviews of the best hoverboards of 2018.

Read, Decide and buy a hoverboard to gift your kids and see that precious smiles on their faces.

Before we began, let's have a look at the comparison of the best hoverboards of 2018 😉

Shall we?

​ Name

Hoverboard Name

​Top Speed

Top Speed
Battery Life


​Maximum Load (lbs.)

Check Price

​10 MPH

​12 Miles


​10 MPH

​9 Miles


​7.5 MPH

​7.5 Miles


VEEKO Hoverboard

​10 MPH

​10 Miles



​8 MPH

​8 Miles


​7.5 MPH

​10 Miles


​7 MPH

​6.2 Miles


​7 MPH

​8 Miles


​11 MPH

​12 Miles


12 MPH

12 Miles


7.4 MPH

12 Miles


​Still want to know more?

Checkout the Complete reviews of the best hoverboards one by one! 😉

TOMOLOO K1 – Best hoverboard for kids and adults

​Tomoloo is a very famous brand when it comes to hoverboards. They make many different kinds of hoverboards and you’ll see we have mentioned many hoverboard from this brand on our best hoverboards list.

You might even say this is the best hoverboard brand on the market considering the variety they provide.

This hoverboard has a lot of feature and functionalities, so let us show you a brief overview of this top rated hoverboard.

The first coolest feature on this self-balancing scooter is that you can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With that, you can actually control the lightings and music on this best hoverboard.

You can control the lighting effects of the LED’s and the colours with the mobile application. There are 16 million RGB colour combinations to choose from.  Along with that, you can play songs via App directly to your hoverboard.  The inbuilt speaker provides you with really good music with decent quality.

The sensitivity controls can also be configured from the app. Even you can turn it off and on through the app.

You will a maximum speed of 10 miles on this hoverboard and a mileage up to 12 miles. The maximum weight this best hoverboard can carry is 264 pounds.

Concerning about the safety features, this self-balancing scooter is waterproof as well as fire proof. It is certified by UL2272 and that will guarantee that this hoverboard will not catch fire or heat up.


  • ​Full control over hoverboard using Smartphone.
  • ​10.6 MPH Top speed.
  • ​Long Lasting battery.
  • thumbs-up
    UL 2272 Safety Certified.
  • thumbs-up
    Waterproof hoverboard.
  • thumbs-up
    Fireproof hoverboard.


  • ​Wheel size is small, therefore not suitable for rough terrain.

Overall, this Tomoloo hoverboard is a very good choice for your kids, it is safe and durable for your kids to use and even has some nice features that your kids will love.

Why not check it out on amazon now!

​SagaPlay F1 - Best in-Budget Hoverboard for your kids

​Do you kids play a lot in rough terrain or outdoors?

Then this is a must buy for you, as this is an all-terrain hoverboard.

This is one of the best hoverboard for rough terrain.

This hoverboard can be rode not only on smooth surfaces like tiles or roads, but even on rough and uneven surfaces like grass and low gravel roads.

But just beware, this hoverboard is not that good when it comes it riding in sand.

With its CSA and UL2272 certification, this hoverboard is very safe and fire proof. Along with that, the batteries on this best rated hoverboard are provided LG, which are known for their safety.

If you are still worried, then let us inform you that this hoverboard went under 159 tests regarding the safety regulations. You absolutely do not have to worry about anything here.

What’s the best part?

This hoverboard can run for an hour straight for 9 miles range. And it can even climb 15 degree slopes, so no more worrying about ramps at all. This makes it the most powerful self-balancing scooter on the market.

Even the tyres on this best hoverboard are IP56 rate, meaning they are really solid and water resistant. So you can go through rough roads and even small puddles!

The charging time on this hoverboard is only 2 hours, which is really fast when compared to some other brands on the market. You will also receive a 1-year warranty if anything malfunctions.


  • ​Comes in 6 colours.
  • ​Works on grass and uneven surfaces.
  • ​Fast 2 hours charging.
  • thumbs-up
    1 year warranty.
  • thumbs-up
    15 degree climb capability.
  • thumbs-up
    equipped with Bluetooth.


  • ​Does not work in sand.
  • ​Some people complain about its smoothness ( if you encounter this, just press and hold the power button to reset the whole hoverboard and it will work normally then after.)

Overall, if you are looking for a hoverboard which Is safe, reliable, able to function over grass and uneven roads and has all the nifty features, then this would be your best choice for your kid.

Check it out on amazon now!

​Megawheels hoverboard – Best bang for buck hoverboard for kids

​This hoverboard from Megawheels comes with the best safety standard. It has the UL2272 certification.

This certification makes it Anti-explosion, Fire protected, Waterproof, Anti-impact and Non-slip.

Those are some good things for kids aren’t they?

The batteries and charger on this best hoverboard are designed in a way which prevent the hoverboard from overcharging and over discharging. Which prevents it from catching fire or exploding.

You will also get local maintenance services for you ease. Along with that, it also comes with many different funky colors which your kids will love.

With its dual 250 Watt motors on each side, this hoverboard is very easy and smooth to ride for kids and even adults.

When you charge the hoverboard full, it can deliver a mileage range of up to 7.5 miles. It will take 3 hours to charge completely.

Thanks to its 6.5 inch dual tires, it can easily climb ramps of 15 degrees’ gradient.


  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Fireproof
  • ​Splash resistant
  • thumbs-up
  • thumbs-up
    Smooth and steady.
  • thumbs-up
    Long range


  • ​Takes 3 hours to charge fully.
  • ​Does not have a Bluetooth.

Overall, this hoverboard is really very safe for your kids. It has all the safety features and standards on it and it is very easy to learn. If you want a stead hoverboard then this is it!

Why not go to amazon now and check it out?

​EPIKGO Hoverboard - The Best Off road hoverboard for the kids

​Want to gift your kids with a really good off road hoverboard?

Then this is on of the best off road hoverboards on the market!

You are more safe than ever with its UL2272 certification and LG batteries. This hoverboard went under more than 150 testing procedures to make sure it is the very safest hoverboard on the market.

You get IP56 rate tyres which are very tough and solid along with being water resistant. So no more backing away from puddles and potholes. The tyres are an 8.5 inch all terrain tyres, so you can go wherever you like on this hoverboard.

The dual 400W beast motors on this hoverboard allow you to climb 18 degree ramps with ease and will give you a range of over 10 miles on a single charge. This feature makes it the most powerful hoverboard on the market right now in 2018.

The company claims that this hoverboard is 2X more powerful and has a 30% larger foot area when compared to its leading competitors.


The best feature of this hoverboard is that while it is huge and powerful, it only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Unbelievable right?

If you buy it now,

you will also get a 1 year limited warranty to cover parts and labor from the manufacturer.​


  • ​Can climb 18 degree of ramps.
  • ​UL2272 certified.
  • ​All terrain tyres.
  • thumbs-up
    Huge 8.5 inch tyres.
  • thumbs-up
    Huge 400W dual motors.
  • thumbs-up
    More foot space than other hoverboards.
  • thumbs-up
    Long range.
  • thumbs-up
    Very shot charging time.


  • ​It might be a bit heavy for kids.
  • ​Might be overpriced for some buyers (but you gotta pay for all those GOLD features XD ).

Overall, if you just want the best for your kids and you do not have a budget restraint, then we would absolutely advice you to buy this off-road hoverboard. It has huge power under its belly and has a very long range and very short charging time.

Why not go on amazon and find out more information on this beast?

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The worlds smartest Self-balancing scooter

If you know the Razor company, then you know they mean business. They make the best products out there.

And they claim that this hoverboard is the smartest hoverboard in the world.

It has the industry’s highest safety standard in it – UL2272 certification.

With two huge 350 Watt dual motors, you can get a cruising speed of more than 8 miles an hour along with a runtime for 60 minutes.

It has a cool all blue LED light display, fender bumpers, LED power indicator and many other great lighting effects.

Another cool feature includes two kinds of riding modes, one is for training purposes and another to unleash to full potential.

Your kid will have an extremely smooth ride and an easier mounting way, thanks to the Razors own patented EverBalance Technology.  It actually automatically aligns and mounts properly for easy riding.

With all that, you also get, LG safe batteries, wide foot platform and anti-slip rubber on the standing platform.​


  • ​EverBalance Technology
  • ​Self Balancing scooter
  • ​Cool new LED lights
  • thumbs-up
    Extra wide foot stand
  • thumbs-up
    Made from shatter resistant polymer
  • thumbs-up
    UL2272 safety certified
  • thumbs-up
    350 watt dual motors


  • ​No Bluetooth
  • ​Not suitable for rough terrain

Overall, this is a very good choice for your kids. It has all the things you need in an hoverboard and much more.

So why not go onto amazon and check out the current price?

​OXA Hoverboard – Double Patented personalized hoverboard

​Would you believe if I told you that this is the only hoverboard on the market which can climb huge slopes?

Yes, it can climb slopes up to whooping 30 degrees!

This is indestructible hoverboard!

It can withstand a weight of a car, according to the manufacturer,

that’s really impressive. Isn’t it?

With this best hoverboard, you get a 3rd generation intelligent control system. What it does is, it actually automatically adjusts itself whenever it detects changes in the users’ weight or their center of gravity.

It itself adjusts the levels for easier mounting. The company claims you can control it within 30 seconds.

You get a really good safety system consisting of – UL2272 certification, low battery protection, overheating protection, over speed protection, low weight protection and slope protection for you own safety.

With a quick charge time of 3 hours you will get range of ​more than 10 miles on this best hoverboard. Also, you get a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

There are two kinds on this hoverboard, first is smart self-balance mode (good for kids) and another one is non self-balance mode, which helps you to ride it however you want.


  • ​Ul2272 certification
  • ​Can climb up to 30 degree slopes
  • ​3 hours charge time
  • thumbs-up
    Long rage
  • thumbs-up
    Can withstand a weight of car
  • thumbs-up
    Smart design
  • thumbs-up
    3rd generation intelligent control system
  • thumbs-up
    Dual modes of riding


  • ​Not suitable for roads with bumps and stones.

​Overall, this brand has developed and designed a hoverboard that is really very durable and strong. If you are looking for strength and reliability, then this is the best hoverboard on the market right now.

​TOMOLOO Q2X – Best Off road hoverboard with speakers

​Here we are, again with a TOMOLOO hoverboard.

We just love the company!

This best off road hoverboard has received 4.4 star ratings on amazon by more than 300 happy customers.

With its double protection and UL2272 certification, you do not have to worry about fire, overheating, electrical hazards anymore. You will have absolutely fun with it.

This hoverboard is capable of climbing 20 degrees of slope with its never flat 6.5 inch wheels. The tyres hold on to the road very good and you also get a waterproof cap that covers the charging plug.

The maximum speed you can get on this best hoverboard is 7 miles per hour and the total range on it is 6.2 miles.

With the all new Applications, you can change the LED colours, effects, modes, brightness, speed and sensitivity of the hoverboard.

Just by connecting it with Bluetooth you can also shut it down or turn it on remotely.
The inbuilt Bluetooth speaker will give you high quality 4.1 stereo sound while you are riding.

Above all, you get a 1-year long warranty with this hoverboard.​


  • ​IPx4 waterproof
  • ​Durable off road hoverboard
  • ​Fastest off roader
  • thumbs-up
    UL2271 certified batteries
  • thumbs-up
    UL2272 certification
  • thumbs-up
    Made with flame resistant and fire resistant materials
  • thumbs-up
    1 year service warranty


  • ​None that we could find

Overall, with a 1-year warranty and good speed and range, this off road hoverboard is one of the best off roaders out there on the market. If you or your kids love to ride in rough terrain, then this might be very good choice for you.

TOMOLOO Q2C – UL2272 certified self-balancing scooter hoverboard

​So you also love TOMOLOO company?

Well, then we have one more product from them.

The all new Q2C hoverboard from TOMOLOO.

This can be the best gift for you kids.

This hoverboard is designed keeping children in mind. It is the best hoverboard for children as it has non slip foot pedals which keep your feet from slipping away.

Build and manufactured by following the top industry standards, this hoverboard is high temperature resistant along with having high toughness and strength.

It also has certified by UL2272 to be very safe for kids and adults.

Your kids will love the beautiful LED lighting on it.  You get unique LED colors which will light up very brightly in dark environment.

One more good feature on it is its inbuilt speakers. Dual 5 watt speakers can be accessed by connecting your smartphone with the hoverboard via Bluetooth. Who doesn’t love music while riding?

Other features include: Over current protection, overcharging protection, short circuit protection, balanced protection and temperature protection.​


  • ​Dual 5 watt Bluetooth speakers
  • ​UL2272 certified
  • ​LG batteries
  • thumbs-up
    Various kinds of protections
  • thumbs-up
    Unique lighting
  • thumbs-up
    Lots of different LED colours!
  • thumbs-up
    Suitable for city use.


  • ​Not suitable for off road usage.

Overall, you get 1-year warranty along with safe batteries and strong design. This hoverboard is a very good choice for kids as it has very unique lighting and LED colors.

You won’t have problems like over charging and short circuit, as it has been manufactured with utmost safety standards.

​TOMOLOO V2 – Best off road hoverboard ever from TOMOLOO

​So, TOMOLOO has released an off roader and we just love it!

With its huge 8.5-inch wheel, you can roam around pretty much in any kind of rough area. Be it peddle road or a road with lots of puddles, you will never be stuck!

Just by looking at the photo of this best hoverboard you can say that the build quality is really very good.

Best for both kids and adults, this hoverboard can go on wheezing for more than 12 miles at a single charge.

Worried about safety?

Well you don’t have to!

This Best hoverboard is certified by UL2272, which makes it very safe for kids and adults. It will not catch fire and it is designed to prevent all kinds of short circuits and irregular charging errors. The batteries also are certified by UL2271 which makes them very safe.

You get a lot of power on the wheel, which are powered by two huge 350 watt motors, which will make sure you do not stop even at inclined slopes. It will give you a top speed of 11 miles per hour.

You have 30% more area between the wheel and the fenders compared to other off road hoverboards on the market.

Also, the wheels are built for maximum performance and are waterproof rated IPX56.

So no more worrying about puddles, just go through them!

Really well designed motherboard, gyroscope and acceleration sensors will make sure that your ride is always very smooth and stable no matter the terrain.

One lovely feature about this best hoverboard is that you actually get an on-board in-built Bluetooth speaker which can play songs directly from your phone via Bluetooth


  • ​In-built bluetooth speaker.
  • ​Huge 8.5-inch wheels.
  • thumbs-up
    Can drive on any terrain.
  • ​App to control lighting effects and music.
  • thumbs-up
    Good mileage
  • thumbs-up
    Reputed brand
  • thumbs-up
    Completely safe with UL2271 and UL2272.


  • ​Some buyer might find that the price is little costly for them.

Overall, you get a very nice package when you buy this off road hoverboard. You also get a 1-year warranty with all these awesome features.

 We will also go ahead and say that this is by far one of the best off road hoverboard you can buy right now.

So why not go to amazon and check out the latest price?

​SWAGTRON T6 – Editor’s choice for off road hoverboard

You might have definitely heard about the SWAGTRON brand right?

They make the best hoverboard you can find on the market right now.

This hoverboard is the very best hoverboard for those who are on heavy side on the weight scale. It can carry load up to 420 pounds.

Which is phenomenal right?

You get the power to climb up 30 degrees slopes with ease and no matter the terrain, be it rain, grass, mud or gravel, this off road hoverboard will not disappoint you.

This best off road hoverboard has the biggest wheel of all, 10 inches’ wheels will go over all the bumps easily.

On a single charge, you get to roam around up to 12 miles at a speed of 12 miles an hour. Isn’t that the highest of all the hoverboard on the market right now? Yeah. XD

The exterior body is made by ABS plastic and aluminum to give it the strength it need to carry big people. The wheel on this hoverboard are IPX56 rated so you can go through all the puddles you want.

Talking about safety, this hoverboard is UL2272 certified so no case of fire to worry about. Even the batteries have a superior Sentry Shield which will protect them while you are charging or using the hoverboard.

Wait, there’s more!

Like icing on the cake, they have also incorporated bluetooth speaker on this hoverboard. So you can listen to music from your phone while riding it.


  • ​Can carry up to 420 pounds of weight
  • ​12 miles of range
  • ​Top speed is 12 miles per hour
  • thumbs-up
    Short 2 to 3 hour charging time
  • thumbs-up
    Ul2272 certified
  • thumbs-up
    Sentry Shield to protect the batteries
  • thumbs-up
    Made with ABS plastic and aluminum
  • thumbs-up
    The best brand on the market


  • ​Very expensive (but you get what you pay for, for sure).

Overall, this is the very best product to buy if you are looking for an off road hoverboard.

You get a huge carry load capacity along with long range and super speed. Combined with all that is super safe UL2272 certified design. This is going to be a very good present for your kids!

self balancing scooter of 2018

So, in my review this one is the best rated cheap self balancing electric scooter.

The cheap hoverboard is UL 2272 certified and made in U.S.A. based company which is well known for the highest quality premium materials and component.

Even more, you will get US based customer service which great benefit point supporting you.

Hold on, there is more about this electric hoverboard!

LED flash light, at front and up side of the flash wheel. Moreover, the 6. 5 inch flash wheel comes with the charger so you can charge it easily whenever you want.

Let me tell you that this best hoverboard is the Lithium free UL certified hoverboard which is safe and stable, even kids and old people can also access it easily.

You may heard about hoverboard explode!

Don’t worry this UL certified best hoverboard has anti-fire plastic material cover that make this Self balancing electric scooter safe to use.

Let’s check below for the pros and cons of this cheap hoverboard.


  • Great battery life and speed.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Easy to ride and very safe.
  • thumbs-up
    Works perfectly.
  • thumbs-up
    Worth the money.


  • It takes very long time to charge.

​Final Words

​So you might have already chosen you favorite hoverboard.


just in case you are still confused,

we would like to give our opinion on the best hoverboard.​

Now this is not an exhaustive list, you can find many more hoverboard on the market, but we have done our best to select the top models and present our honest reviews about them.

If you are going to buy a hoverboard for yourself or for your kids, you have to make sure the hoverboard has all the latest features and good safety parameters. We actually have a hoverboard on the list which has everything a hoverboard can offer.

We would highly recommend the SWAGTRON T6. It is an all in one package. You get good speed, good mileage, top most safety, good build quality and above all a trusted and reputable brand.

Your kids would just love to go off road on their T6, and you never have to worry about any failures or harms as it is completely safe.  You will not be disappointed after buying the SWAGTRON T6.

Have fun Hoverboarding!

10+ Best Hoverboards for kids (Nov. 2018) – Review & Buyer’s Guide
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