8 Ways how to take care of your newborn baby – Guide for first time parent

The newborn baby is the bundle of joy for every parent, right?

Taking care of them is the most rewarding experience of every new parent’s life.

Sometimes, you may feel what you are doing or what will you do to give your
baby 100% care and attention.

Well, you may need the parent to parent tips on how to take care of your
newborn. Sometimes it is better to seek help from others.

All your baby need is better to sleep and a healthy dose of love.

But what if you have the fuzzy baby and how to handle your fuzzy baby?

No worries!

Here, I am giving you the 8 tips on feeding, soothing and more care during the first day of your baby.

Just go through all the tips given below.


Breastfeeding the best way to give your newborn healthier life.

Apparently, for the first time newborn don’t know how to feed. So, don’t stress when your baby has hard time feeding at first. By the time s/he will learn how to feed naturally but all it takes is patience and practice.

Yeah, you can get help from others like a nurse or other person around you who can be helpful for you.

Most importantly, most of the time you have to be the nurse for first 24 hours of your baby's birth.

Even after some time if your baby is sleeping you wake s/he up gently and feed your baby well.

You have to take care yourself also. Eat healthy and fresh food, avoid fast foods and stay hydrated that is good for both of you.


The second most useful things while you take your new morn at home.

First, you have to decide what you have to use.

Diaper or cloth?

If you choose diaper, you need the bunch of fresh diapers and ready to change your baby’s diaper ten times around a day.

If using cloth diapers then you need fasteners.

The other things that you need are diaper ointment (For rashes).

Remove your baby’s dirty diaper. Take a bowl of warm water, clean cotton bolls or diaper wipes and clean genital area of your baby.

Change your baby’s diaper after some time gap to avoid diaper rashes.

Make sure to keep your baby undiaper for some hours in a day.


The best way to keep secure your baby! You can call it one of the best soothing methods for the newborn.

For the first few weeks of a newborn, it is hard to handle, and so, most of the moms prefer swaddling their baby.

Swaddling keeps your baby’s hand near to s/he body that keeps baby warm. Moreover, it gives the sense of security and comfort to your newborn.

Swaddling helps you in limiting the startle reflect which can wake up your baby.


You might know this, for a newborn, it is hard for them to sleep longer.

You may observe somewhere mostly; all the newborn sleeps 2 to 3 hours through the day or night.

This may be one of the reasons that newborn doesn’t tune with the day and night and they have the small stomach, so all they want is bit and often feeding.

But this can be reduced as your baby grows and needs fewer night feeds and sleeps longer than before.

No choice! until then you have to take care and often give feeds to the baby at night and day so that they can complete their sleep well.

Bathing your newborn

Bathing is the excellent way to keep your baby clean from head to toe.

But for the first week, it is not easy for new mom to bath their child, it is an indeed the most onerous task.

Before you give a bath to your baby keep all the things ready (like the towel, diaper, cloth).

Take help from your family members while the first time you going to give a bath to your baby.

Use a soft sponge or cotton wool and gently wipe your baby’s body.

Note: Always use warm water while cleaning your baby and limit your water heater temperature 120 degrees Fahrenheit max.


After completing bath give 10 -30 minutes of gentle massage to the baby.

Make sure baby is well alerted, quiet and warm room.

Take few drops of baby massage oil and give a gentle massage to baby’s feet, palm, and stomach.

Massage your baby safely, stop the massage if your baby seems uncomfortable or you feel stressed because I always advise you to give the soothing touch to your baby.

Learn to soothe your crying newborn

It is not easy to find for what reason your baby is upset and crying.

There are many things that we have to consider when the baby is crying.

Check for the wet diapers.

Try to feed them.

If there is cold climate add the layer of cloth or if it is hot climate then remove the extra cloth layer.

If this isn’t work held your baby and give s/he swings, sometimes all they need is swings.

You can also use best baby swing if you are tired of holding the baby for so long.

Sometimes you have to sing a lullaby for them; this can help your baby to sleep better.

Take regular advice from the doctor

You know your baby very well, right?

If you find your infant has rashes, swollen belly, seek or fever and anything unusual then immediately take your baby to the hospital or call pediatrician as soon as possible.

You know your baby, and if you find something wrong then concern your doctor.

Note that:

Crying is a natural thing in every baby; in fact, babies are used to communicating with that so that you can pull them into your arms. So, don’ worry if your baby is crying.

Final Words:

So are you finding this 8 best way for handling your fuzzy baby helpful?

This is the primary things that new parent need to know and take care for the first few months.

I know handling the newborn especially fuzzy baby is the most onerous task in the world, funny but real!

Still, you have some questions?

If you find that something is missing and need to be added or something is wrong, then I am happy to hear from you. Contact me for any question or do comment below.

Congratulations on being a lucky parent!

Thank you for the reading.

8 Ways how to take care of your newborn baby – Guide for first time parent
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