Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillow

Congratulations on the exciting journey ahead! If you’ve recently discovered that you’re expecting, you’re likely brimming with joy and anticipation for the new addition to your family. However, amidst the excitement, you might find yourself facing the common challenge of disrupted sleep patterns.

The changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can often lead to discomfort, especially when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position. Ensuring you and your baby get the rest you both need is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

Enter pregnancy pillows – a godsend for many expectant mothers. These specially designed pillows are crafted to provide support and alleviate discomfort, making those precious hours of sleep a bit easier to come by.

But with the multitude of options available, how do you know which pregnancy pillow is right for you?

Fear not, as we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 best pregnancy pillows available on Amazon, taking into account customer satisfaction and ratings. From full-body support to targeted relief for specific areas, there’s something for every mom-to-be.

Before making your decision, it’s essential to dive into the reviews and gather insights from fellow expectant mothers. Our comprehensive reviews of each pillow will guide you through the features and benefits, helping you make an informed choice.

So, if you’re ready to reclaim those restful nights and embark on this incredible journey with comfort and support, join us as we explore the best pregnancy pillows of the year. Let’s ensure you and your little one can rest easy throughout this beautiful chapter of your life.




​Best For

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​U shaped

  • ​Cheap
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​Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U

​U shaped

  • ​High End
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​U shaped

  • ​Lifetime warranty
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​U shaped

  • ​Best rated.
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​C shaped

  • ​Best C shaped
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​AngQi (medium size)

​U shaped

  • ​Developed by Physical Therapist
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​Leachco Snoogle

​C shaped

  • ​7300 Reviews
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​Queen Rose

​U shaped

  • ​Back Sleepers
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​AngQi (large size)

U shaped

  • ​Editor’s choice
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​C shaped

  • ​Affordable
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​Let us now start with reviewing each of these best pregnancy pillows,

shall we?



​Looking to buy the best pregnancy pillow without spending a lot of money?

Well then, this one would definitely attract you.

This Bluestone pregnancy pillow is filled with 100% premium polyester hollow fiber, and the outer cover is made out of 100% cotton. There is also an inner cover which is made out of polypropylene. You can actually remove the outer cover for machine washing by unzipping it.

This best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers will help you prevent tossing and turning at night time. It will support your neck, back, shoulders and hips all night long.

Say no to multiple traditional pillows now. This best pregnancy pillow is perfect for a comfortable, painless and silent sleep.

This best U shaped pregnancy pillow will support both sides of your body and is long enough to allow you to stretch yourself entirely during sleep.

It will help you relieve pains like lower back pain, ankle pain, gastric reflux, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and many others. It will give you complete comfort during your sleep.

The dimensions of this best pregnancy pillow are 60 X 38 X 7 inches, and the weight is only 7.25 pounds.


  • ​Multifunctional.
  • ​Cheap.
  • ​Relieves pains and pressure.
  • ​Hypoallergenic.
  • ​Outer can be removed for washing


  • ​No warranty.



This Moonlight Slumber Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow is the costliest on out list. Being the most expensive premium product, it will undeniably give you the best functions and comfort level.

This company provides high-quality nursery and maternity products since 2002. They have gathered a lot of experience over the years. All of their products are made here in the USA.

Even their products are tested out by parents and babies to get approved! This best pregnancy pillow for back pain has also been through internal and external testing. It is also tested out for flammability, air pollution, chlorination, and chemicals.

Therefore, you will be very safe if you choose this best pregnancy pillow.

This pregnancy pillow will never clump, lump or flatten out. You can enjoy it entirely as it is long enough for you to stretch and spread out in it.

It is lightweight, machine washable, portable and indispensable.


  • ​Relieves pains and aches.
  • ​Gives luxe comfort day and night.
  • ​Helps you maintain the right position.
  • ​Gives hips, back, neck and other supports to elderly people.

​This best U shaped pregnancy pillow is made out of synthetic down known as Fusion Fibre.

Fusion Fibre is made out of polyester polymer and is very heat resistant. Each fiber inside this pillow is made to move quickly with one another to avoid clumping or lumping. They are also twisted in order to give the pillow very springy and bouncy feel. They are also packed in a certain way to fill the pillow completely.

Really clever, right?

The weight and the size of this best pregnancy pillow are 10.36 pounds and 17 X 16.3 X 14.2 inches respectively.


  • ​Quality pregnancy pillow.
  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • ​Premium feel.
  • ​Fusion fiber material.


  • ​No warranty.
  • ​Some people complain that it is not comfy enough for tall people.



This is one of the most affordable pregnancy pillows on the market. This best U-shaped pregnancy pillow helps support your back, knees, neck, head, and hips. It is also very good at relieving pain and discomfort which comes with pregnancy, sciatica, gastric reflux and fibromyalgia.

The length of this best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers is 56 inches, the width is 35 inches, and the height is 7 inches. This perfect size makes it a perfect support pillow for pregnant women.

This best pregnancy pillow also comes with a detachable extension which can be attached to the main body pillow for more back and belly support. You can use it as a separate body as well.

Convenient right?

The cover that is over the pillow is made of pure cotton and is machine washable and hypoallergenic. It is also BPA free and does not contain any phthalate, lead or latex.

Best part?

The best thing about this best pregnancy pillow for back pain is the lifetime manufacturer warranty. The company claims that you will be 100% satisfied with it!

Other feature includes a double stitch seam that will prevent the cover from ripping and the polyfill blend with which the pillow is stuffed. This polyfill blend is designed to provide comfort to you and increase the density as you apply more weight on it.

The 100% jersey knit cotton pillow cover is held together by a sturdy zipper, this cover is also anti-itch and will not irritate your skin.

The weight of this best pregnancy pillow for back pain is only 8 pounds.


  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Affordable.
  • ​Anti-itch cover.
  • ​Double stitch seams.
  • ​Machine washable.
  • ​Support whole body.
  • ​BPA free.
  • ​Lifetime warranty.


  • ​Some buyers have a complain that the pillow is a bit flat



This queen size Comfysure U shaped pregnancy pillow is much loved by all the customers. Nearly 900 customers have given it a rating of 4.3 Out 5 on Amazon.

Cool right?

Very high ratings by many people is a proof that this is indeed the best pregnancy pillow.

It is shaped as a big U. This U-shaped pillow are the best pregnancy pillows for side sleepers. It will promote healthier pregnancy by providing complete belly support and improving blood circulation.

It is also multi-functional pillow; you can comfortably sleep, read, relax or nurse while laying in this best pregnancy pillow.

Having discomfort during sleep?

No more toss or turning constantly while sleeping at night. This pregnancy pillow will help you sleep comfortably and make you refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning.

This pillow retain shape while providing a super comfortable plush hollow fiber interior. It will help reduce pains and aches as well.

The cover on this best pregnancy pillow is removable and machine washable. Whole pillow and all its fillings are made from premium material for long-lasting use.

The weight and the dimensions of this best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers are 9.77 pounds and 66 X 33 X 8 inches respectively.


  • ​Helps relieve back pain and aches.
  • ​Removable and machine washable cover.
  • ​Premium material.
  • ​Firm and plush.
  • ​Great for recovery.
  • ​Very high ratings on Amazon.
  • ​Peoples favorite.


  • ​No warranty information.
  • ​No information of the inner filling material.



This is one of the best C shaped pregnancy pillow manufactured by Restorology. It has also been very highly reviewed on Amazon. It is very successful in impressing the buyers!

This best pregnancy pillow is specially crafted for pregnant mothers; it follows the natural curves, contours, and shape of the body to provide complete support.

If you are using a few pillows to get yourself comfortable on bed, then you need to buy this one right now. It will eliminate the need of different pillow, as it is a C shape pregnancy pillow, you will be comfortable from all sides.

It successfully supports your neck, head, back, and belly all at once.

Awesome right?

As this pillow has a unique shape, it will support you, and you will be relieved from pains and aches of sciatica, back, lower back, heartburn, etc.

Best thing?

The company is very confident in their product; therefore, they are providing a full refund 30-day guarantee. If you, for any reason, do not like this best C shaped pregnancy pillow then they will give your money back.

There is also a top cover on this pregnancy pillow which can be removed and machine washed. You have to unzip the zip in order to remove the cover for washing and tumble drying.

The overall weight of this best pregnancy pillow for back pain is only 7.3 pounds, and the size is 172. X 14.1 X 7.8 inches.


  • ​Excellent ratings.
  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​60 inches length.
  • ​Relieves from different kinds of pain.
  • ​Removable and machine washable cover.


  • ​No information about the filling is provided.



This AngQi U shaped pregnancy pillow has a considerable fanbase on Amazon. It has been given a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5 by nearly 400 customers.

This is the real deal!

This best U-shaped pregnancy pillow has been tested and developed by a professional physical therapist. Therefore, it will undoubtedly help you out massively during pregnancy and even after the pregnancy.

Relaxed sleep will be a reality for you during the uncomfortable pregnancy period, while using this best-rated pregnancy pillow.

You can even mold this pregnancy pillow into different shapes, which will help you nurse the baby in a more comfortable position.

This best pregnancy pillow helps with lower body pains, upper body pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and symphysis pubis dysfunction.


The extra-long mid-section is perfect for the big tummy that you will be carrying throughout your pregnancy. It even helps you keep the spine and the hips in neutral position.

Other benefits include better blood circulation, relaxation, prevent and relieving sciatica and heartburn.

You can order more filling for this pregnancy pillow by going HERE.​

The overall dimensions of this best pregnancy pillow are 55 X 31 X 7 inches. The weight of the pillow is only 6.5 pounds.


  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Comfy and plush.
  • ​Prevents and relieves pain from various kinds of problems.
  • ​Developed by professional physical therapists.
  • ​Promoted better blood circulation.
  • ​Affordable.
  • ​Extra filling and pillow covers available.


  • ​Not suitable for tall women.



This Leachco snoogle C shaped pregnancy pillow is an absolute favorite when it comes to people’s choice. It has been purchased and reviewed by more than seven thousand people!

Mind-blowing yeah?

It is loved by everyone. This best C shaped pregnancy pillow has a mid-range price, making it affordable to everyone.

This Snoogle pregnancy pillow replace many pillows that pregnant women use in order to get comfy when sleeping. One does the job of all!

Want to hear awesome fact?

This best-rated pregnancy pillow was designed by a professional registered nurse who is also a mother. It has been patented for its design and gives complete comfort to the pregnant ladies.

It is heat resistant so that you can enjoy the comfort and relaxation without too much of body heat issue.

The cover that is provided on this pregnancy pillow is removable and machine washable. The cover is 100% cotton and of premium quality.

What more?

It is BPA, lead, Phthalate, and latex free.

The size and weight of the pregnancy pillow are 60 X 24.8 X 7.2 inches and 5.5 pounds respectively.


  • ​Very lightweight and fluffy.
  • ​More than 7,300 reviews.
  • ​Everyone’s favorite.
  • ​Patented design by a registered nurse.
  • ​Help support tummy, neck, back, and hips.
  • ​Big enough for everyone to use.


  • ​No warranty/guarantee



This best U-shaped pregnancy pillow from Queen rose is also one of people’s favorite. It has earned 4.4-star review on Amazon from more than 2,000 customers.

This is a huge and oversized pregnancy pillow for you to stretch out and spread out. It will support both side of your body without any problem. It is very soft and will aid you in getting a beautiful night of sleep.

You can use this best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers when reading, watching tv, nursing or sleeping. It will give you painless and comfortable relaxing experience.

People have been saying that it helped them relieve the pain during fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, ME and sciatica. It helps in many ways by supporting your head, hips, neck, and stomach.

Very handy and useful.

The cover on this best-rated pregnancy pillow is made out of 100% velour material; it is soft and silky. The filling inside the pillow is polyester material which is long-lasting and resilient.

You can even remove the outer cover by unzipping for washing and cleaning purposes.

Best part?

You get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. In case, if you do not like this best U-shaped pregnancy pillow, then you can return it to get a full refund within 90 days.

Isn’t that really cool?

The overall size and the weight of this best pregnancy pillow are 55 X 31 X 7.8 inches and 6.5 pounds respectively.


  • ​90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • ​Top Rated by more than 2000 buyers.
  • ​100% velour material.
  • ​Resilient and long lasting.
  • ​Helps with numerous pains and aches.
  • ​Removable and washable cover with a zipper.


  • None



This is the best U-shaped pregnancy pillow on the market right now. We would recommend everyone to buy it!

It has got 4.8 stars from the buyers. This is the highest we have seen in any pregnancy pillows.

Let us start out with the best part!

You will get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, during these 30 days, if you feel like you did not like the pregnancy pillow then you can ask for a full refund from the manufacturer.

How cool is that!

This is a queen-sized pregnancy pillow, meaning the dimensions are 60 X 31 inches and the weight is only 8.4 pounds.

The filling inside the pillow is 100% polyester hollow fiber. This filling is very breathable and durable when it comes to prolonged usage.

The cover that you get over the pregnancy pillow is made out of velour material, which is very soft and plush in feel. You can even machine wash the cover after unzipping it and removing it.

The whole U-shaped pregnancy pillow is designed to follow the body contours and shape to provide maximum relaxation and comfort.

This best pregnancy pillow will support your hips, neck, knees, head to prevent things like heartburn, sciatica or lower back pain. It will relieve other pains and aches as well.

It is also designed to be comfortable in 360 degree; this means no matter what position you are in this pillow will give you ultimate comfort. Be it nursing, relaxing on couch or bed or sleeping, you will always be getting comfort from his pregnancy pillow.


  • ​Highest ratings.
  • ​Relieves pain and aches from multiple problems.
  • ​100% polyester fiber filling.
  • ​Keeps the back cushioned.
  • ​Complete belly and lumbar support.
  • ​Removable and washable cover.


  • ​None



​If you love affordable C shaped pregnancy pillows, then this will attract you for sure.
It is affordable, has good reviews and has been tested out by more than 1200 people.

It’s time to ditch that now. This best C shaped pregnancy pillow is here to take place of your multiple pillows. It can support your neck, head, hips, and knees all at the same time.

You can use it during your pregnancy and after your pregnancy as well, to nurse your child in a very comfortable position. Even men can use this pillow post-surgery if they need some support.

The removable cover that come with this best pregnancy pillow for back pain is made out of 100% jersey knit cotton. Even the filling is made out of premium material that balance comfort and support equally.

The company has also made sure that your health stays at the top, by making this best pregnancy pillow BPA free. It contains ZERO phthalates, latex and lead.

Very safe!

The company has complete confidence in their product. Therefore, they are providing a 30 days satisfaction guarantee along with the product. If you do not like the product or any reasons, then you can get a complete refund.

That’s awesome yeah?

Other features include a durable zipper and double stitching to make the pillow very strong.

The overall weight of this awesome pillow is only 7 pounds, and the size is 57 X 30 X 7 inches.


  • ​Super soft material.
  • ​Double stitch seams.
  • ​Machine washable cover.
  • ​Zippered pillow cover.
  • ​BPA free.
  • ​Complete belly and hip support.
  • ​Best C shaped pregnancy pillow.


  • ​Some buyers feel that this pillow is not squishy enough.

​​So, which is the best pregnancy pillow? Wrapping it up!

All of the pregnancy pillow that we chose were the top selling and top-rated products on Amazon. Almost all of them had very high ratings and reviews.

We hope we have helped you out in choosing the perfect pillow for yourself. If you are still confused, then we would like to recommend the AngQi U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

It is developed by experienced people and has extremely high ratings and reviews by buyers. Buy it now and tell us in comments how much you loved it!

Have a beautiful day and happy shopping!

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