Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillow 2018 Reviews – [ Mom’s Guide ]

Have you ever feel uncomfortable and insomnia in the middle of your pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman used to get cheering advice from doctors and many people’s that 'sleep more and more now’ because once baby is born you can’t sleep as much as you want.

But practically are you able to sleep longer at night?

Unfortunately, in between back pain and internal thermostat issue, good night sleep is just a dream for most pregnant women.

How can you overcome this?

Let best pregnancy pillow help you.

Which one is the best pregnancy pillow that you need?

Here, I can give you top 10 best pregnancy pillow reviews that I have found after spending 58 hours of time.

Before you go to review just check out comparison table below that can save your much of the time, and you can get bit idea about each product.







C shape

polyester and cotton blend

U shape


Polyester and cotton

U shape



Best Seller

U shape


Cotton and polyester

C shape


Cotton and polyester

U shape



Editor's Choice

U shape



U shape



U shape



Best Seller

C shape


cotton and polyester

The best pregnancy pillow is the blessing and can be the best friend for pregnant women.

Fortunately, the best pregnancy pillow is available in the market that can overcome all the remedy of pregnant women.

Of course, before buying anything you have to read reviews carefully, after all, you taking care of two lives (you and your baby).

Have you ever find yourself helpless while searching for best pregnancy pillow?

If yes, then don’t have to worry because as I know there are various types of pregnancy pillows are available for a neck, back, full body and bump support.

I promise this will definitely give you comfortable sleep at night and not only that it also overcomes back pain, neck pain and give comfort feeling to your baby bump.

Snoogle FULL BODY SUPPORT - best pregnancy pillow of 2018

So, I am starting first best pregnancy pillow review with the Leachco Snoogle pillow.

Leachco brand is the best seller in the category of home, bed pillows and body pillows.

This Snoogle pillow especially made for pregnant women by providing you full body support. It gives comfort and support to your hips, back, neck and tummy all at a time.

It comes with the removable and machine washable pillow cover (do not machine wash).

If you find your pillow gets flattered, fluff it as much as you love to.

The c shaped pregnancy pillows with patented designs are specially develop-ed for moms. It follows the form of your body from head to toe.

Enjoy comfy and relaxing sleep without taking much space on the bed.

This thin and not so costly pillow is the best choice if you don’t want to spend much on the pad and want to save space on your bed.

If you feel grumpy, then this 3-pound pillow is best, and it gives you back to tummy support.

If you are a parent to be then, you must have to buy pregnancy pillow and let this best pillow do its duty on a night!


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • It 'removes back pain and tailbone pain of the working pregnant women.
  • Supportive and very comfy as you can twist the pillow whatever shape you feel comfortable.


  • After washing pillow case, it is tough to get back on the pillow.
  • Neck support lacking in provide comfort as after some time it becomes flatter and not give proper neck support.

Comfy pillow is Idle for one who looking for lightweight and not so fluffy full body Pregnancy pillow. Checkout More At Amazon...

Leachco Best maternity pillow - For back and belly support

Again, Leachco rocks the bump and belly support, the second best pregnancy pillow from Leachco is the Back ‘N Belly pillow.

Yeah, this is not the whole body pillow but it offers back and tummy support at the same time.

This countered body pillow has a smart design like the natural curved shape of your body so; you never need repositioning pad each time you turn.

The Hourglass inner curves support your back and increasing belly, Moreover it helps to align hips for neutral joint positioning.


The sham style removable cover is machine washable. (It would be great if you wash it with soapy cloth to remove soil).

Here you can stack two ends of pillow to the one and enjoy the “Double Decker “

Pregnant mom or mom to be who struggle to find comfy sleep at night and back pain then Leachco Back ‘N Belly pillow is just what you have to have.

Moms can sleep comfortably and wakes up without aches!

All through this big U shaped requires half of the size of your queen size bed.

It uses not only for the back and belly support but it can be used as the different size, shapes, and sleep preferences, have to find the just right configuration for you.

This Leachco body pillow helps relieve carpal tunnel, sciatica, gastric reflux, and nasal congestion.


  • Comfy and gives better support to tummy and back.
  • Easy to clean machine washable pillow cover.
  • Excellent head and leg support.


  • Pillow is large so, it takes queen size bed space. (It is good if you have king size bed).

Best pregnancy pillow for mom who is in the middle of 6 to 9 month of their pregnancy and for those who need better back and belly support. Checkout More At Amazon...

moonlight slumber Full body comfort – Best pregnancy pillow review

The next best pregnancy pillow that I am going to review is by Moonlight Slumber.

Moonlight Slumber is a USA based company and provides premium sleep products for baby and pregnant women.

This full body and comfortable pregnancy pillow have a U shape and pure cotton material so that it can regulate your body temperature and helps to align hips, neck, shoulders, and back.

Want to know about quality and care?

Great! It has excellent quality and hassles free cleaning.

The U shaped pregnancy pillow made of premium synthetic down (‘extended polymer’) which allows air to flow through the material. You can also call it revolutionary material.

So ladies, cradle you in this comfy and pretty 10-pound pregnancy pillow and enjoy the long night sleep.

While talking about cleaning, Ah, it is really… really easy to clean. As it is machine washable, you can directly clean it into it or use the dryer for easiness. This best pregnancy pillow of 2018 will give you long lasting cleaning comfort.

Well, it is good to check whether it is right for your and baby’s health?

Let me tell you one thing; Moonlight Slumbers every product is approved by parent and baby because all its products well tested internally as well as externally.

So, you can surely not get air polluting, nonfire proof and flaming proof or chlorinated product.

So this pillow is long enough to fit and able to starch as much as you like.

With that it also soothes aches, supporting all your body area at a time and mother can find the comfortable position during her pregnancy days.


  • Fantastic quality, get rid of insomnia, sciatica and back stiffness.
  • Cozy and comfy full-sized pillow.
  • Worth the money for pregnant women.


  • Not suitable for queen size bed as it is large so require more space.

So, someone who is looking for a perfect solution to their whole body pain then this pillow would be the best choice for you. Checkout More At Amazon...

Today's Mom Cozy and Comfort - best Pregnancy Pillow for side slippers

Forth up best pregnancy pillow on my list uniquely designed for the today’s modern moms.

It is by the way from the Today’s Mom brand as its name itself says that it is for the modern mom or for the mom to be.

With the most delicate color of sky blue, this best maternity pillow takes care of mom and baby by offering shoulder comfort system, back support cushion, inner curves for back and belly support, designed to fit natural curves of the body.

Entire body cradles with comfortableness.

The best feature is the large and square head area where other expensive pillow lacks to provide this much comfort for head support.

I have to say best maternity pillow like this Today’s Moms is hard to find at such a great price and features.

Of course, every pillow is not same, and I have heard that many moms are complaining about hard edges of the pad especially at the shoulder area.

So, moms don’t worry this best pregnancy pillow is the solution to your problem.

This curved shaped cozy comfort pillow has a soft shoulder support design, so say goodbye to the hard edges that dig into your shoulder.

Do yourself a favor by buying this best pregnancy pillow because of this the only one pregnancy pillow designed with easily removable zip cover.

Sounds, something like you want to hear, right?

You can separate pillow and case both for the washing. Yeah, this case is machine washable. So, no worries about anything regarding the cleaning of the cushion.

Both pillow and case made up of half polyester and half cotton combination.


  • Very much comfy and soft and help to get through the night.
  • It gives excellent support for the back and belly.
  • The best pregnancy pillow worth every penny by giving excellent features.


  • The filling material in the pillow moves to areas that used less.
  • It is hard to get out of the pillow for the pregnant women (around 6 to 9 month).

If you are looking for easy washable and large pregnancy pillow with full body support then this one is for you. Checkout More At Amazon...

Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey - Total Body Pillow

Again the fifth one full body pregnancy pillow by Leachco Snoogle.

We have previously seen two of the products from this brand, and again Leachco come with the third best pregnancy pillow.

Let’s see what is excellent in this best-rated pregnancy pillow?

Someone who needs back or belly support pillow then this one is the best pregnancy pillow for stomach/belly sleeper because the extra large

midsection is the perfect for the back and belly support.

That's not enough; it also supports to align hips, neck, back on one pillow without the extra body heat.

This highly patented design is highly made for moms and nurse.

This Snoogle pillow is the best for moms, in fact, you amazed that you not only have a better sleep but also it resolves the knee issues.

So mainly it works for pregnant women as well for the grandparents or somebody who is not pregnant but has body pain issue.

Yeah, it has a zipper cover for easy cleaning and easy to get back on the pillow.

This pillow has miserable weight around 2 pound that’s great so, it is lightweight and also the material and filling in this pad is safe for the baby and mom as it is lead-free.


  • The pillow gives 100 percent comfort and you can able to enjoy painless long night sleep.
  • It especially frees you from hip pain.
  • Very supportive and soft and comfy design.


  • It is hard to get out or the pillow in the morning.
This is the best c shaped pregnancy pillow is for those who need easy cleaning provided with whole body support. Checkout More At Amazon...

Ang Qi U-Shape full body – Best pregnancy and breast feeding pillow

The puffy and fluffy pillow from the Ang Qi brand.

This maternity pillow is designed to follow your body contour and natural shape of your body so that it can give you full body support.

This U shaped pregnancy pillow is crafted for the pregnant women but not just limiting the pregnant women as far it goes beyond the expectation because of it useful to everyone.

Instantly get rid of lower back pain, heartburn, sciatica because this memory form pregnancy pillow supports all the area of your body, freeing you from interrupted night sleeps.

Great for everyone!

Its body support pillow creates a different comfortable position for the various task like watching TV, reading books, lying on your stomach. This one can be the best pregnancy pillow for the stomach sleepers.

After pregnancy, this cool soft cushion pillow can use for comfy breastfeeding for baby allowing you to choose different positions.

This U shaped best maternity pillow is excellent for easing the discomfort of pregnancy as well as another discomfort such as shoulder, neck, baby bump pain or fibromyalgia.


  • Better sleep and relieves back pain.
  • Soft and comfy material.
  • It is big enough to fit anyone.


  • Not fluffy and comes half filled.

This one is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, belly support or I would say best for anyone who just wants to take a break from daily pain of back, knee or neck. Checkout More At Amazon...

QUEEN ROSE FLUFFY - best Pregnancy Body Pillow

Honestly, in my best pregnancy pillow reviews of 2018, this QUEEN ROSS is the one of my favorite among all.

Indeed! QUEEN ROSS is of the best sellers in the category of baby care and mom products.

Note That:

Queen Rose is the only authorized seller, so it does not permit to sell its products to any other seller.

The premium quality of filling material at its best because bionic polyethylene provides you comfort for side sleeping without smelling.

This big U shape maternity pillow better support for sleeping and feeding.

The allergenic full body pillow is uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of the pregnant mom and offers total comfort and support.

This one is the power booster!

All pregnant women have one common problem with hip or back pain, right?

With that, some of you may face fibromyalgia, sciatica, poor posture or people recovering from injury.

This all you may look to get better sleep.

Well, this best maternity pillow is the one who overcomes all of your this problem. Yeah, you can call it the multifunctional pad.


  • Better quality and fluffy enough to enjoy long night sleep.
  • Large enough to fit healthy Peron and useful for everyone.
  • Best cushion to relieve back, hips, neck pain and almost all area of body pain.


  • Poor stitching of the removable cover. It seems like it never stitched.

Someone who needs the most fluffiest pillow then QUEEN ROSS is the smart choice. Checkout More At Amazon...

Dream Comfortable Pregnancy pillow - for Side Sleeping and Growing Tummy Support

You may hear this, ‘You have to dream before your dream comes true.’

I know it’s funny to relate this dream quote with DREAM pregnancy pillow but actually, it makes sense.

You have to take care of you and your baby before it is born and so you have to read a review of all the products that you are thinking to buy.

So, read the review carefully, after all, it is the concern with two life.

The 8th best pregnancy pillow on my list by Dream and let me tell you that this is the best for those who side sleepers and needs bump support.

The U shape designed full body support pillow designed to overcome pain most women feel during and after the pregnancy.

The pillow is made from 100% cotton cover, and this therapeutic pillow relieves joint pain.

Easy to remove zip cover and machine washable so easy to clean and reassemble the pillow cover.

Enjoy deep sleep every night with this best pregnancy pillow that Prevents hypertension syndrome and oppression of the liver.

You can say that this pillow has the 360° support system as it is extra large and full length, a width that would offer better support to all part of the body.


It includes the tips how to make your pillow best supportive of your body.

It effectively improves your blood circulation while you are taking all night sleep.

It overcomes discomforts that all pregnant women are facing in the form of various issues like heartburn and much more.


  • Completely comfortable and lifesaver.
  • Best pain reliever ever, it helps in even third-trimester discomfort and pain.


  • It is not the cold gel pregnancy pillow; it gets hot.

If you need full body pillow with some guides to use it then this one is the lifesaver for you.Checkout More At Amazon...

Meiz Total Body Pillow for Side Sleeping - Contoured Maternity Pillow

The 2nd last best maternity pillow on my list from is the Meiz total body pillow.

This one is the medium sized extra soft pregnancy pillow that contains unique bionic polyethylene filling with high density and provides comfort for the side sleeping.

Well, it is designed to use long as it remains fulfilled (Fluffy) after many time of use.

This best U shape pregnancy pillow follows the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you would like to sleep it gives you comfortable sleep all night and day.

You can use it for multiple purposes, this pillow gives you belly support,

support while you are reading books or novels, watching TV, and breastfeeding.

The best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers is the perfect gift material for any pregnant women.

Yeah, it is somewhat cool that this pillow crafted for pregnant women, but it gives much more comfortable and helpful for many men and women who suffer from aches and pain in the back to knee.

Ideal for sciatica relieve back pain prevention and helps to support, head, neck, belly, knees, hip, and feet, in short, whole body.

The women who are mother or mother to be must have to buy this revolutionary full body pillow for better and natural night sleep.

The bright side of this U shaped body pillow is it allows you to take comfortable upper body and height position that promotes better blood circulation and relaxation.

Well talking about care and material this best full body pillow two zip cover and machine washable so that cleaning and reassembling of pillow cover can be much more comfortable.

Inner filling is 100 percent polyester fiber filling were cover is made from 100% cotton.

As I said earlier this body pillow is designed to last longer, it is useful after delivery.

You can use it while breastfeeding for body support and also considerable support for an infant to sit.


  • Cozy, comfortable and get rid of sciatica, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Great pillow for side sleeper providing you a tummy and hip support.
  • Great pillow at such a best price.


  • Not suitable for tall people, it is designed for short people as it is a medium sized pillow.

If you are planning to buy pillow that you can use after pregnancy and for multipurpose use then this one is the smart choice. Checkout More At Amazon...

Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Phew! Last one on my list by Leachco.

Before we begin the review, let me tell you that this Snoogle chic jersey is the C shaped best pregnancy pillow.

Almost for all women, one pillow at night is just not enough. Right?

This maternity pillow offers you one pillow that goes behind your back, one in between knee for temperature control, one for head and neck support, and one for baby bump support.

This 2 pound of pregnancy pillow made from soft jersey material which contains 60% cotton and 40% polyester cover.

As much like it’s another body pillow that we have seen earlier, this one is also designed to follow natural counter of your body shape and offers you comfortable long and cozy night sleep.

Moreover, completely machine washable removable zipper cover made cleaning hassle-free.


  • Very comfortable by allowing you to choose from different positions.
  • The jersey cover is soft and comfortable to remove.
  • Better side as well as back sleeping.


  • It is not a gel cooling pillow; it gets bit warmer.

If you need soft and easy caring full body pillow then this one especially for you. Checkout More At Amazon...

frequently asked questions

What is pregnancy pillow?

It is a cushion or pillow that is designed for pregnant women for comfort and better sleep.

It differs from the regular pillow in a way that pregnancy pillow provides full body support and overcomes the pain and discomforts of pregnant women.

Do pregnancy pillows help back pain?

Yes, it does help to get rid of back pain. In fact, apart from back pain, it also used in various problems like neck, knee, hips, and shoulder pain.

Make sure during your first trimester avoid sleeping on your back instead side sleep is better for you and your baby.

A pregnancy pillow is the best solution to comfortable sleep on your side.


Safety for both mom and baby: When I talk about security, that means I am pointing out the material, hygiene level and filling of the material.

As you know now that pregnancy pillow is the best and safe for you and your baby further, you have to check that it uses natural material and artificial filling only.

Comfortability: This is the main thing that every woman has to check before buying any pregnancy pillow.

The excellent pregnancy pillow is the one who can able to change its shape according to your body, soft, and give comfort to your body and also willing to handle the weight of your body.

Well, you can choose pregnancy pillow according to your needs, like if you want U or C shaped pregnancy pillow, whatever you like.

Compatibility: Some of the pregnancy pillows last longer, and it is useful after the baby is born.

They continue to serve its services like use as breastfeeding, support the newborn, sleep with a newborn.

Size: Yeah, size matters the most, right moms?

Note that pregnancy pillow designed according to the size of the future mom.

If you are short, then choose small pregnancy pillow and if you are tall then select large one.

But keep in mind that height is not the only concern for pregnancy pillow because you have check whether it feets on your bed or not.

So, choose the pregnancy pillow according to your sleeping place.

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Types of materials used in the pregnancy pillows

Having the best pregnancy pillow is like winning the half of the battle and deciding the martial you want for your pregnancy pillow is entirely up to you.

Here I have listed the short flashback of all kinds of materials that pregnancy pillow uses so that you can get little help.

Natural and organic filling: 

If you want to make your pregnancy as natural as possible then choose the natural mixture that includes KAPOK, SPELT, WOOL.

One thing you should note about pregnancy pillow is depending on the filling material of the pillow you may find the new smell. So don’t worry just take your pillow outside for few days and the majority of the smell will disappear.

Microbead filling:

A pretty small 1/32 inch wide ball that is made from microbeads. When you touch pregnancy pillow, it feels like sand, and it is incredibly lightweight just like sand.

It allows you almost no noise and comfortable and much more supportive than standard Styrofoam balls.

Styrofoam ball filling:

You know that small white balls?

Yeah, that’s the Styrofoam balls, and you may find it in most cheap pregnancy pillows. It is lightweight and allows the pillow to adapt your body shape easily.

Yeah, the dark side is that it makes noise when you move around the best pregnancy pillow.

Memory foam filling:

It is the kind of puffy pillow.

It takes the body shape of your body as you press against it. Once you lifted your body from pregnancy pillow, it regains its original form.

The memory form filling is quite firm. This memory form causes heat to build up you some of the manufacturers shred it prior because shredded memory foam filling allows air to circulate inside pregnancy pillow, which helps you to reduce that hot feeling.

Polyester fiber filling:

Polyester is very popular filing in best pregnancy pillow because it is soft and doesn’t make any noise while you lifted around the pregnancy pillow.

Fiber used in the best pregnancy pillow will decide the firm of the pillow.

Final words

So, are you mom to be and found yourself grumpy?

Just because of pregnancy you are not able to sleep at night.

Pregnancy pillows are uniquely crafted for pregnant women so that they can enjoy painless and undisturbed sleep.

Still confused which one you should get? or which pregnancy pillow is best for you?

Here, I can give you some of suggestion that may be helpful for you.

Best U shaped pregnancy pillow:

If you want fluffiest, large and sturdy in design also you are not pregnant and suffer from muscle pain or knee problem then QUEEN ROSS – Full body pillow is best for you.

If you are looking for the large pregnancy pillow that especially gives you better belly and shoulder (without edges digging on your shoulder) support, then you have to go for the Today’s mom – best maternity pillow

Best C shaped pregnancy pillow:

If you need the multipurpose cushion for relieving your back, neck, or hip pain and also want to choose different sleep position, then this C shaped Snoogle total body pillow – By Leachco is the one that you have to have.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask!

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