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We are sure that you will agree if we said:

Choosing a Multimeter is very hard and using it is even more tougher.

But wait,

Is that the case really?

What if it isn’t that complicated, it may not be as confusing as you would have thought. All you have to know before buying a Multimeters is that for what purpose are you going to use it and how much are you willing to spend for it.

​Let’s have a look at the comparison table of the Best Multimeters Of 201​9!

Best Multimeters ​2019


​Weight (grams)

​​Warranty (years)

​​Check Price

​INNOVA 3320



​Etekcity MSR-C600



​Mastech MS8268



​Klein Tools 69149


​Klein Tools MM400


​Fluke 101



​Amprobe AM-510



​Fluke 117



​Klein Tools MM6000



​Fluke 179/EDA2



In this post we will talk about various Multimeters and we will also give you the reviews of the best Multimeters of 201​9.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on!

Ok, so you have made up your mind that you want to buy a new Multimeter, what next?

So, firstly you have to understand you cannot take shortcuts and just buy any Multimeter on the market, it has to be the best Multimeter for your work.  

A best Multimeter should have all the right features in it to make your work more efficient and easy.

You might be wondering,

What does that mean for people who have just begin their work as an electrician?

Well, if you have just started out then we would suggest you to buy a Multimeter on the cheaper end, it will last you for a few years and by then you will have all the knowledge about it. And then you can go on and buy a professional Multimeter for you.

What’s the bottom line for professional electricians?

If you know your way around a Multimeter perfectly, then you might have to spend more than $100 to get a decent Multimeter will lots of feature in it.

These high end Multimeters are reliable, safe, sturdy and they last a very long time.

Generally, no matter how proficient you are in using a Multimeter, you have to get a balance between the functionality and the price of a Multimeter.

So, to help you out:

We have selected the very best Multimeters on the market in 201​9, also, we have written all-inclusive reviews for them. That will help you to choose the best Multimeter for yourself.

One more thing,

We have arranged the reviews in an increasing price range order, to help you understand the relation between price and functionality.

Therefore, as the you keep reading the reviews, you will find that costlier Multimeters have more functions and are also better in other ways like safety and reliability.

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter – Best budget Multimeter for electronics

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter review

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter review

​This is a crazy deal!

A Multimeter under $25!

This is the cheapest Multimeter on our list.

But wait!  It does not mean it is not good.

Let me tell you the best part!

On amazon, this best budget Multimeter for electronics has earned 4.3 stars rating from more than 2000 happy customers. That many people are satisfied with it, making it the best budget Multimeter.

Let’s talk about what it has to offer.

The best feature on it which makes it best Multimeter is that it has Auto-Ranging scales. Which means you do not have to dial the correct range when you are performing electronic measurements. Handy isn’t it?

Also, it is one of the best Multimeter for automotive use, because it is UL certified, which means it is designed for accurately troubleshooting many automotive and household electrical problems. Also, UL certification make it very safe to use.

It has a very simple function for setting AC and DC voltage. You also get a large digital display along with colour coded LED’s for quick battery check.

If we talk about its reliability, it has protective rubber cones on its all four sides to protect it from damage if dropped on a hard surface. You can also use its built in wrist strap or stand to do hand free testing.

With its easy to use simple labelled screen for the dial and a very good customer support from ASE certified technicians, you will be more than happy with this best Multimeter.


  • ​Auto range.
  • ​Automatic negative (-) polarity indication.
  • ​Automatic zero adjustment.
  • thumbs-upOver range indicator.
  • thumbs-upLow battery indicator.
  • thumbs-up3.5 inch LCD display.
  • thumbs-up10 MegOhm input impedance for safe automotive use.
  • thumbs-upProtective rubber corner guards.
  • thumbs-upAuto shut-off feature.
  • thumbs-upIncludes attachable test leads, holders and stand.
  • thumbs-upU/L listed for safety and quality.


  • ​The elastic hand strap easily comes off (not very sturdy).
  • ​Not suitable for heavy duty work (lacks the ability to test AC circuits above 200 milliamps).
  • ​No capacitance range.
  • thumbs-downThe LCD display is not back lit.

​Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters – Best Multimeter for the money

Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter reviews

Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter reviews

​We present to you Multimeter which is currently featured in amazon choice section for amp meter category. It has also earned 4.5-star review from more than 700 customers.

Here’s the crazy deal for you:

While being very low on the price, this Multimeter offers you a design which helps you eliminate the guesswork while measuring AC/DC voltage, diodes, continuity and resistance by using an Auto ranging Assistance mode.

You can use either clamps or testing leads to find out all the electrical issues in your house with user friendly operation.

It gets better!

On the features side:

This best Multimeter for electronics is very safe and you can actually measure AC current and voltage without stripping a wire/cable or breaking a circuit.

This helps you stay away from hazardous contacts. This jaw opening clamps can measure AC current in a conductor up to 26 mm.

You also get better control over your readings. This best Multimeter for electronics technician offer you a button for hold result and max value, enabling you for a very quick operation.

You will also get a handy carrying pouch which you can use while on the go. For energy conservation, this best Multimeter for electronics turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

You will also get a warranty of 1 year with this Multimeter.


  • ​Safety/Compliances: IEC61010 CAT.II 600V, CAT.III 300V over voltage and double insulation.
  • ​Overload display.
  • ​Jaw opening for easier measurements.
  • thumbs-upAuto shutdown.
  • thumbs-upData hold feature.
  • thumbs-upDiode and continuity checks.
  • thumbs-upClear LCD display.
  • thumbs-upAuto ranging clamp meter.
  • thumbs-upMeasures AC current safely.
  • thumbs-upGood accuracy.
  • thumbs-upGood amazon reviews.


  • ​Display not backlit.
  • ​Cannot measure DC current.
  • ​Some users complain about the poor quality build.

​Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter – Best Multimeter for computer repair

Mastech MS8268 Series reviews

Mastech MS8268 Series reviews

This Mastech Multimeter is best suited for mid-level electricians or people who just repair computers. This is the best Multimeter for computer repair.

What’s the best thing about this Multimeter?

Well, this Multimeters is very easy to use with its intuitive interface and clear indicators, perfect for beginners.

It also has loads of features in it,

Let us state some of them for you –

It incorporates features like: voltage, current and resistance checks, along with frequency inputs, capacitance inputs, and transistor gain checks.

Cool isn’t it?

You also get an LED and sound warning sounds when you use incorrect jacks, relative to the function setting you have chosen. All the ranges measurements except the frequency can be done automatically or manually.

This best Multimeter for computer repair comes with a blue LED backlit LCD display along with an auto shutoff feature.

It also has some other features, hang on!

You get many other functions like data hold which will help you to freeze the display and relative mode which would help you to zero out the display or compare a stored reading or to provide more delicate resistance measurement.

Along with all these feature and a very low price, you also get a 1-year long hassle free warranty.


  • ​Back lit LCD display.
  • ​Separate voltage positions.
  • ​Cheap.
  • thumbs-upGood reviews on amazon.
  • thumbs-upSeparate battery compartment.
  • thumbs-upWide variety of input ranges.
  • thumbs-upGood build quality.


  • ​Backlight on-time is short.
  • ​No HRC fuse.
  • ​User criticize the below par written user manual.
  • thumbs-downNarrow capacitance range.

​Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit – Best Multimeter for home use kit

Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit reviews

Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit reviews

Klein Tools produce some the best Multimeter in the market in 201​9.

This best Multimeter for home use kit has all the features you need in an Multimeter kit, it can read both AC and DC amperages along with lots of other features.

Let’s talk about safety first,

The measurement device of AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance has a safety rating of CAT III 600V, Class 2 and is double insulated. Therefore, you are very safe when using it. It also has Jaws (size: 35mm) which would enable you to measure current amps without coming in contact of very hazardous cables or wires.

This best multimeter for home use also has a green backlit to show that the multimeter is in on position. It will turn red and give you warning sounds when it detects voltage.

Hang on, it has many more features!

This multimeter can turn itself off if you are not using it, thereby conserving energy and increasing battery life. It also has a digitally controlled on and off power button.

Want to know its best feature?

This best multimeter for home use has a receptacle tester with it, what it does is, it automatically detects wiring configurations and will indicate correct wiring, open hot, open ground, open neutral and hot/ground reverse to you.

It also features indicators for audible and visual continuity up to 25 omegas.


  • ​Measures AC/DC amperage to 600A.
  • ​Measures AC/DC voltage to 1000V.
  • ​Temperature measurements via included thermocouple.
  • thumbs-upRated to CAT-IV at 600V.
  • thumbs-upTrue RMS and auto-ranging.
  • thumbs-upLow impedance mode to pick up ghost voltages.
  • thumbs-upVisual and audible continuity indicators.
  • thumbs-upSaves measurement and detects wiring problems in receptacles.


  • ​Backlight is only visible when you hold the device at an certain angle.
  • ​User complain of it sluggishness on continuity tests.

Klein Tools MM400 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter – best multimeter for beginners

Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V Klein Tools MM400 reviews

Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V Klein Tools MM400 reviews

​We have one more Klein tools Multimeter. As this is really cheap along with having good safety standards, we would say that this is the best multimeter for beginners.

Want hear a fact?

Klein Tools have been a professional Manufacturer from 1857, which proves they have a lot of knowledge about these things, you will never be disappointed with a Klein Tool device.

This low price multimeter has all the features that a mid-level user might need, along with its tough build, it is the best multimeter for beginners.

This multimeter is capable of reading measurements of temperature, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle and to test diodes and continuity. It also has a safety rating of CAT III at 600 volts.

The build quality of this best multimeter for beginners is also very good as it is designed to withstand a fall of 1 meter falling with able to withstand usual everyday wear and tear on work.

You also get an easily accessible battery compartment along with a low battery indicator.


  • ​Good build quality.
  • ​reputable manufacturer.
  • ​Supple leads.
  • thumbs-upCheap.
  • thumbs-upThermocouple provided.
  • thumbs-upClear display with backlight.
  • thumbs-upAuto Ranging/Temp, Capacitance  and Frequency.


  • ​No carrying pouch provided.
  • ​Does not display true RMS.

​Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter – the simplistic multimeter

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter reviews

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter reviews

​This multimeter offers reliable measurements for both home and professional electricians or heating/air conditioning electricians.

It is very small and light weight, and fits comfortably in your hands, making it the one of the best Multimeters for electricians.

It is made with professional grade materials and will last for many years to come.

What else?

More feature includes, a data hold functions to make it easier for you to read the measurement results. It also has the standard auto shutoff feature to conserve battery power.

It is very light weight and weight only a mere 160 grams, very convenient for you to carry it everywhere with you while on the go. The auto ranging feature helps you to measure the reading very quickly.

This best multimeter for electricians also has a very good safety rating, it meets the IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V safety ratings so you can be worry free when operating it.


there’s one more thing which other Multimeters don’t have:

It has an intelligent magnetic versatile straps called a Fluke SmartStrap. What it does is that, it enables you to hold it in your hand firmly by strapping it anywhere you like.


  • ​Light weight.
  • ​Small size.
  • ​Reliable and accurate.
  • thumbs-upHold data function.
  • thumbs-upGood test leads.
  • thumbs-upCheap.
  • thumbs-upSeparate input voltage ranges.
  • thumbs-upFluke SmartStrap.


  • ​The display Is not backlit.
  • ​Probes connect at the bottom.
  • ​No integral stand.

​Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter – best multimeter for automotive use

Amprobe AM-510 reviews

Amprobe AM-510 reviews

​All the Amprobe multimeter that you can see on market have gone through rigorous testing for accuracy, safety, reliability and ruggedness in their state of the art labs. Therefore, whenever you are buying an Amprobe device, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best devices on the market.

Let’s talk about the safety first. This best multimeter for automotive use is certified to meet CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V ratings and also listed by safety labs like CSA, ACMA and also meets the high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements of the European Economic Area (EEA).

You will be amazed after knowing all the features it provides:

You get a Voltech non-contact voltage detection feature, a built in flashlight to use in dark areas along with a kick stand for safety and convenience.

You also get a built in test lead storage along with a Velcro straps to hang your meter.

You can also take readings on low and high side of an HVAC system by using the Dual thermocouple provided. You also get a zero mode which will help you compare a reading with a stored reading on the device.

Other feature includes:  duty cycle, 2 temperature inputs, low-pass filter, auto and manual ranging, resistance, micro amps, diode testing, audible continuity, MIN/MAX recording, Data hold and peak hold settings.

You can use this best multimeter for automotive use in other situations also, like: in light fixtures, electrical sockets, home appliances and electrical panels.


  • ​Rugged and sturdy.
  • ​Reliable.
  • ​Auto / manual ranging.
  • thumbs-upPacked with features.
  • thumbs-upcan be used for various applications.
  • thumbs-upNon-contact voltage detection safety.
  • thumbs-upBuilt in flashlight.
  • thumbs-upSeparate current input jack sockets.
  • thumbs-upBacklit LCD display.
  • thumbs-upDisplay has analogue bar graph.
  • thumbs-upMeasures amps, milliamps, micro-amps.
  • thumbs-upLots of modes to choose from.


  • ​No carrying case provided.
  • ​Limited range on voltage detector.
  • ​A little large in size compared to other Multimeters.

​Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter – best rated multimeter on amazon

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter reviews

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter reviews

​This Fluke multimeter is rated at 4.8 stars by nearly 500 customers on amazon.

Do we need to say anything more? XD

This is one of the Best Multimeters for the money. It has the perfect balance of features and price.

Fluke tests all of its multimeter on various aspects like: shock testing, drop testing, humidity testing, accuracy testing, safety testing and many more.

Want to know more of its feature?


It is best suited for all kinds of applications like in commercial buildings, hospitals or schools. With its integrated AutoV/LoZ function, it is very easy to prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage. Along with that, you also get non-contact voltage detection in it.

The Fluke multimeter has a very easy to use design, thereby saving your time and energy. You can even use it with one hand.  It will provide you with ability to measure: Min/Max/average reading, capacitance and frequency.

It has a safety standard which meet the CAT III 600V safety rating requirements.

It’s a very good multimeter which is built to be rugged, safe and reliable, so why not buy it and see it for yourself?

But wait!

The best thing about this best multimeter for money is that the Fluke company provides you with a long 3 years’ warranty.

Isn’t that really cool?


  • ​Very long 3 year warranty.
  • ​Small and portable.
  • ​True-RMS for accurate measurements on non-linear loads.
  • thumbs-upGood built quality.
  • thumbs-upHighly visible LED screen.
  • thumbs-upWhite backlight.
  • thumbs-upBar graphs on LCD.
  • thumbs-upAccurate.
  • thumbs-upNon-contact voltage detection and auto-volt settings.


  • ​No milliamp / micro-amp range.
  • ​Tricky ‘hold’ function.

​Klein Tools MM6000 Electrician’s / HVAC TRMS Multimeter – Editor’s Choice

Klein Tools MM6000 reviews

Klein Tools MM6000 reviews

What if I told you that this multimeter has 4.9 stars rating on amazon?


you read that right!

This Klein tools MM6000 is the best multimeter 201​9. We just love it and by seeing the customer’s ratings and reviews, we are sure they also love it.

If you are confused about all the features and numbers then trust us and buy this best multimeter 201​9, you will not regret it at all.

The best feature?

The price!

It is not that costly, while providing with the best features and built quality on the market. This multimeter is very durable and highly accurate. It is also a true RMS device so you don’t have to worry about the variable AC drives at all.

Who doesn’t love a good display right?

Well, this best multimeter 201​9 has the best ever display compared to all other Multimeters on this list. It is a 3 5/6- digits and with a rapid bar graph as well as a very bright back light. So no more worrying in the dark.

You will get usage time of 160 hours in this multimeter, which is very good considering it requires only 2 AAA batteries.

You get good resistance and capacitance ranges along with all the current ranges (with micro amps as well). A thermocouple is provided and the temperature can be set in various units.

This best multimeter 201​9 has been drop tested from a 3-meter height to test its strong body, also, it is double insulated and has an open fuse and battery compartment.

Other modes included are: low impedance mode and relative mode.

This is the best multimeter 201​9 that you can buy without even breaking your bank.

And yes!

Before you carry on reading, you will get a 5-year warranty with this multimeter.


  • ​Very long 5 years warranty.
  • ​3 meters drop tested.
  • ​Micro-amps and temperature.
  • thumbs-upMax/Min and low impedance modes.
  • thumbs-upLarge screen with long backlight.
  • thumbs-upIncludes carry case.
  • thumbs-upIP20.
  • thumbs-upBasic DC accuracy: ±0.2%.
  • thumbs-upTests diodes and continuity.
  • thumbs-upAuto ranging multimeter.
  • thumbs-upEasy-to-access fuse and battery compartment.
  • thumbs-upIncludes lead warning, low battery indicator and auto power-off.


  • ​None that we could find!

​Fluke 179/EDA2 6 Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Combo Kit – best high end multimeter combo kit

Fluke 179-DA2 6 Piece reviews

Fluke 179-DA2 6 Piece reviews

​This is the best multimeter kit available on the market right now, it is made by Fluke and has the highest safety and built quality standards.

It is a 6-piece industrial thermometer combo kit.

This multimeter has a lifetime warranty.

Yeah we are not joking!

That’s something’s isn’t it? Pretty impressive.

This high end multimeter is the top model from FLUKE. And it has the highest levels of accuracy and gazillion functions.

This multimeter is not for beginners; it is best suited to professionals who work in industry.

With a true RMS DMM, you can troubleshoot nearly anything in the industry with good precision. It includes all the ranges you would need to get most of the measurements, along with that, it has a very good build quality and will work in any kind of situation.

With general cheap Multimeters, the discrepancy is like 10%, with that you cannot get true readings. But with this Fluke multimeter, you get a true RMS which will enable you to ignore the ghost voltages and get a very accurate measurement.

The display on this multimeter is also very good, it gives you a super-fast response so you can actually see the variations in real time. Also, you get two icons for low battery and over voltage.

The safety system meets the requirements of IEC up to category 3 in 1000V and up to category 4 in 600V. the multimeter also has rupture type fuses and a probe lead alert system.


  • ​Lifetime warranty.
  • ​Fast continuity checker and auto range.
  • ​Both manual and auto hold.
  • thumbs-upNice backlit display.
  • thumbs-upGreat accuracy.
  • thumbs-upVoltage range up to 1000V.
  • thumbs-upMilliamps and millivolts.
  • thumbs-upBuilt-in temperature.
  • thumbs-up​Manual ranging and automatic ranging.
  • thumbs-upTouchHold feature, plus manual hold.
  • thumbs-upEasy recalibration.


  • ​no micro-amps


​So that’s it for the multimeter reviews.

Did you find the one you like?

If not, then let us help you.

If you are not able to select a product for yourself then we would highly recommend the Klein Tools MM6000 Electrician’s / HVAC TRMS Multimeter.

It has received a lot of positive reviews on amazon and is peoples favourite multimeter.

You get a very long 5-year warranty along with lots of different features.

What more can you ask from a multimeter?

Above all, it does not cost a lot of money for you to buy it!

Therefore, go on and buy this multimeter, you will not be disappointed.