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Weddings, no matter the size, can be expensive to plan and execute, so finding ways to limit those costs while still keeping the wedding as fabulous and amazing as every bride dreams is a challenge it’s difficult to rise to. One way to do this is by designing your own Mason jar centerpieces for the reception.With the current interest in do-it-yourself project, Mason jar centerpieces can be a good way for you to show off your craftiness and provide wedding guests with something they can take home to remember the wedding by.

What Are Some Rustic Ideas Mason Jar Centerpieces for Weddings?

When it comes to Mason jar centerpieces, the only real limit is your imagination. Mason jars can be turned in the vases for flowers, they can become lanterns or candleholders, they can be filled with foods that your guests can take home with them to remember your big day with, or they can be used to display pictures or other things of importance to you and your future spouse.Using Mason jar centerpieces as vases for your wedding flowers is one of the most common ways to in incorporate Mason jar centerpieces; and with good reason. Mason jars make perfect vases, and given their history and rustic, retro look, Mason jars go very well with the do-it-yourself aesthetics of a rustic wedding. That said, they are not just for rustic wedding. They can be jazzed up and decorated however you like.


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If you want your Mason jar centerpieces to look like more than just Mason jars when you add your flowers, then think about painting them in your wedding colors or adding glitter to give them that sparkly look. Decorations for the outsides of the jars can also include ribbons made of burlap for a rustic look or lease for more elegance affair.


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The addition of a candle or a small electric light to the Mason jar centerpieces turns it into a fantastic accent life for an evening reception, especially one that takes place outdoors. Instructions for making floating candle Mason jar centerpieces are included below; but another way to turn your Mason jar centerpieces into lighting is through the use of small electric lights.LEDs are not only inexpensive, but they can also light up for thousands of hours on a single battery. Using inverted mason jars with the LED lights makes for a great Mason jar centerpieces. Dress them up with decorations or even use a colored Mason jar to add to the effect.A more personal way to use Mason jar centerpieces is to add pictures of the happy couple as part of the centerpiece. Simply add copies of the photos you want to be displayed inside the Mason jar along with any other additional decorations you would like to add. Make sure you get crystal clear Mason jars for this so that your guests can easily see those wonderful pictures


Another option for a more personal type of centerpiece is to turn your Mason jars into a small diorama that displays the soon-to-be-married couples’ hobbies or loves.For example, if they have a connection to the water, say if they were surfers, then adding sand, seashells, and other items that evoke the beach would create personalized Mason jar centerpieces. As with everything else involving Mason jars and do-it-yourself projects, the only limit is your imagination and creativity.


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Mason jars were designed for canning, so our guide to Mason jar centerpieces would not be complete without looking at the idea of putting food in the Mason jar centerpieces. This is another area where a lot of personalization is possible. If you have your own garden, making Mason jar centerpieces with vegetables or fruits grown in your garden is an excellent idea.If you have a love of hot sauces, share that love by making your own hot sauce perhaps with your soon to be spouse and offer that as the Mason jar centerpieces. Smaller Mason jars can be used to hold spice blends that your guests can take home as a memento of your wedding and be reminded of it when they use your gift. Make sure to decorate the outside of your Mason jar centerpieces to ensure that your guests remember where they got them.

How Do You Make Easter-Themed Mason Jar Centerpieces for Weddings?

Many of the Mason jar centerpieces discussed above involve using them as a vase for the display of flowers. One of the most interesting and beautiful floral Mason jar centerpieces for a spring wedding is an Easter-themed display using flowers and bright orange carrots to give it that spring brightness. This centerpiece uses two Mason jars of different sizes to create its amazing carrot-colored colorations.To make your Easter-themed Mason jar centerpieces you will need a 1-quart Mason jar and a smaller Mason jelly jar for each centerpiece. Flowers of your choice go in the finished vase. If you have your own flower garden, this is a perfect opportunity to use your own flowers; especially for a spring wedding when the flowers will be blooming. This not only makes the wedding more personal but also adds to the inexpensive nature of the Mason jar centerpieces. Flowers can be quite expensive.

Easter themed mason jar centerpieces

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In addition to your own flowers, you will need 8 to 10 straight carrots that are as tall as the quart size Mason jar. Finally, you should get any sort of decorations for the finished centerpiece that you might like, such as twine, lace, or a rustic ribbon.The first step in making the Easter themed messenger centerpieces is to trim the carrots. You want them to be the size of the inside of the large Mason jar. Once you have them turn to the right height, slice them in half lengthwise. This leaves you with long carrots that are half rounds. Place the jelly jar inside the larger Mason jar, then arrange the carrots vertically with the cut side out around the quart jar. Alternate between thin and thick ends of the half carrots to ensure that there are no spaces between them.The jelly jar will not only hold the stems of the flowers that you add to your Easter themes’ Mason jar centerpieces but it will help keep the carrots in place around it. With your carrots in place, fill the jars with water. We recommend putting flower preserver inside of the jelly jar. Decorating your jar comes next. If you want a rustic look, tie it with a burlap bow or twine. Other options could include lace or ribbon; the only limit is your imagination.Finally, add and arrange the flowers. Here, as with almost anything else involving do-it-yourself Masons jar crafts, your imagination is your only limit. Keep in mind that you can crisscross the stems inside the jelly jar to better make an attractive arrangement. Place them on the tables and wait for the compliments on your creativity.

How Do You Make Floating Candle Mason Jar Centerpieces?

Mason jars make a perfect vessel to turn into a lantern or candleholder. This is ideal for a reception happening in the evening, especially one that is outdoors. While some other ways to turn Mason jars into a centerpiece lantern or candleholder were discussed above, the most popular and impressive method are the floating candle Mason jar centerpieces.

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To make your own floating candle Mason jar centerpieces you will need three pint-size Mason jars, three candles, and water. These are the only required ingredients, but there is no reason to stop there as the Mason jar can be decorated further, perhaps by wrapping the mouth of the bottle with lace or straw if you want to go for the rustic wedding look.Another fun option could be to use collected river stones at the bottom of the centerpiece. If you have access to colored Mason jars, substituting those colored jars in place of clear ones will also give you another opportunity to add a little color to your centerpiece. When it comes to decorating your Mason jars, the only limits are your imagination.To make your floating candle Mason jar centerpieces, place the Mason jars in a triangular pattern in the center of the table. Add any vase gems, rocks, marbles or anything else you intend to have at the bottom of the Mason jar. Next, fill each jar three-quarters full of water and then set the candles inside the jars. Add any additional decoration to the outside of the jar and wait until right before the reception begins to light the candles. Lighting them too early might leave some tables without a lit candle before the reception simmers down.


We have only scratched the surface of the potential ways that Mason jar centerpieces can add a do-it-yourself, rustic quality to your wedding at an inexpensive price. Using the different ideas above as a starting point for your own imagination and creativity, you should be able to find the perfect and inexpensive Mason jar centerpieces for your big day.