What if i tell you that choosing the best electric pressure cooker shouldn’t be that confusing?

​I know i know there are a lot of electric cookers out there, loaded with different awesome features!

But still ​choosing the best one for yourself will be the piece of cake for you!

Hang on with me!

​​A lot of us love cooking but how many of us can truly say that we have never burnt a single meal?

We keep things on the stove and tent to forget about it, resulting in burnt food and bad aroma inside the kitchen.

If you or any of your friends are keep it on stove and forget kind of people then you might want to check out these best electric pressure cookers on the market. These are also called instant pots.

These electric pressure cookers do not vent steam as much as the traditional cookers.

They will not burn your food at all because they know when to stop cooking!

The best electric pressure cookers do not need any kind of monitoring, you can set up the setting and you are done!

Slow cooking and automatic timers make these best electric pressure cookers a must in all the kitchens. They also have various kinds of safety features that will make sure nothing goes wrong inside your kitchen.

Using an instant pot is a very simple Process: Pour and mix the ingredients -> seal the lid -> enter the settings and you are done. You can walk away now and forget about it altogether.

Many of these electric pressure cookers are multi cookers meaning they can steam, cook, slow cook, make yogurt and cook grains as well.

We have compiled a list of the best instant pot reviews, these include the top brands and products on the market right now in 201​9. All of the products mentioned in this post are reviewed with complete details and are worth buying as per your usage and likeness.

Check out this table to see an overall comparison of all the best electric pressure cookers we have reviewed:

​Best Electric Pressure Cookers of 201​9


​Warranty (years)

​Best For

​Check Price

Gourmia GPC1000 review

​Gourmia GPC1000


​Best Rice Cooker




​Best Yogurt MakerBest Cake MakerBest Pasta Maker

​Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3


​Best Rice Cooker

Tayama TMC-60XL 6

​Tayama TMC-60XL 6


​CheapestBest Rice Cooker



​Best Slow Cooker

Best Rice Cooker

​Mueller Pro series


​Best Cake Maker

Best Quality Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Multi-functional Pressure Cooker

​Instant pot Ultra  (EDITORS CHOICE)


​Best for eggs and it’s best slow cooker.

​Mealthy Multipot


Best Rice Cooker

Best Multigrain Cooker



​Best Yogurt Maker Best Slow Pressure Cooker

​Cuisinart CPC-600


​Best Slow Cooker

​Instant pot DU060


​Best Yogurt Maker

​And now we will be reviewing some of the best electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and instant pot as well!

Shall we?

Gourmia GPC1000 instant pot review – 13 in 1 multi cooker

​The first electric pressure cooker that we have reviewed is the Gourmia GPC1000.

Gourmia takes safety very seriously. Therefore, their electric pressure cookers are ETL certified for good quality, safety and high efficiency.

This is one of the best electric pressure cookers as it provides a wide ​range of features in it.

This instant pot has a 10 quart design. It is made with stainless steel from outside and has an extra-large non-stick pot inside it.

You will get a pressure cooker with a secure lock lid along with nice grippy handle. It also has an adjustable exhaust/airtight valve build inside it.

This best instant pot also features 13 in 1 setting for different kinds of cooking along with 6 cooking modes. You get an LED display with which you can adjust the time settings.

Your pressure cooker will keep the food warm automatically on its own. Furthermore, it will also be able to cook food even if you set the pre-sets before 24 hours.

Cool, yeah?

You also get a variety of one touch buttons for quick cooking pre-sets like steam, dessert, eggs, meat etc. This is also one of the best slow cookers as well.

The company will also provide you with free accessories like stainless steel steaming rack, condensation cup, measuring cup and a mixing spoon.

This electric pressure cooker works on 1400 watts of power and will cut your cooking time by 70%. Isn’t that great?

The lid of this instant pot will be locked and will open only when it is safe to do so.

This is one of the best pressure cookers you can get under $100.

The weight and dimensions of this instant pot are 21.5 pounds and 13 X 14.8 X 14.8 inches respectively.

Best thing about it?

It has 10 custom engineered safety mechanism built inside it for your safety. You will also get a warranty of 1 year with the purchase.


  • ​Cuts down cooking time by 70%.
  • ​ETL certified for safety.
  • 24 hour delay timer
  • thumbs-upEasy cleaning.
  • thumbs-upFree accessories.
  • thumbs-up13 different one touch cooking pre-sets.
  • thumbs-up​Stainless steel body.
  • thumbs-up1 year warranty
  • thumbs-up10 custom safety mechanisms


  • ​Requires you to understand the operating instruction properly before using it.

This is a high-end electric pressure cooker for those who want the best product along with having a lot of different pre-set cooking options. You get 13 one touch cooking buttons and 6 different cooking modes along with a lot of safety features. It is worth buying it if you like all the features.

COSORI Instant pot review – Best seller in electric cooking category

​This COSORI electric pressure cooker has earned 4/5 stars from nearly 1500 happy customers. It is also featured as the number one best selling pressure cooker in electric cooking category on amazon.

This best rice cooker comes with 17 different smart cooking programs like: beans, white rice, pasta and many others.

It is an 8 in 1 multi-functional instant pot which includes modes like: slow cooking, pressure cooking, rice cooking, yogurt maker, steaming and warming.

This best electric pressure cooker is ideal for a family of 4 to 6 people and will cook food for you in mere minutes. As with most of the instant pots, this best yogurt maker will cut off the cooking time by 70%.

You can reheat the food or keep the food warm by using the automatic keep warm mode on this pressure cooker. You even get 3 different adjustable temperature settings for sauté, slow cook, hot pot and reheat.

Isn’t that really impressive?

With 6 different pressure levels, 12 hours cooking delay timer and 2 manual cooking modes, your cooking life will be much easier after purchasing this awesome instant pot cooker.

Checkout the picture below to see the construction of this awesome electric pressure cooker. Talking about the safety side, this best rice cooker is certified by ETL, UL and FDA for safety. The company has also incorporated 10 different safety mechanisms to give you peace of mind while cooking food. The detachable food grade stainless steel inner pot, lid and the steam rack are very easy to clean after you disassemble them.

Slow cooking will allow your food to retain most of its vitamins and minerals giving you the best nutritious food.

WAIT, there’s more!

This best electric pressure cooker from COSORI has all new 6 custom smart control programs and steam technology which will improve the performance of this instant pot.

There are a lot of free accessories provided with this instant pot, like: free recipe book, measuring cup, rice spoon, silicon sealing ring, ladle, tempered glass lid, steam rack with handles and 3 ply bottom cooking pot.

Whenever your food is ready, you will see an unlock indicator. This safety features allow you to open the pot only when it is safe.

The weight of this instant pot is only 15 pounds and the dimensions are 12 X 12 X 13.2 inches.

You will get a 30 day money back guarantee with the purchase. Also, you get a free 1 year warranty with it but you can extent it to 2 years with the submission of extended warranty card.


  • ​1 year warranty.
  • ​Micro limit switch protection.
  • ETL, UL and FDA approved.
  • thumbs-upUnlock indicator.
  • thumbs-upCustom smart control programs.
  • thumbs-up10 safety mechanisms.
  • thumbs-up17 cooking modes
  • thumbs-upLightweight
  • thumbs-up​Make quick adjustments with the one touch buttons.


  • ​Some users complain of the difficulty in cleaning the inner parts.

​This is ideal for a small family of 4 to 6 people. The pressure cooker comes with a 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. If you are worried about safety then there is no need as it is certified by various certification agencies for being very safe to use for beginners. Buy it today and tell us about the delicious recipes you make in the comments.

Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 review – Peoples favourite electric pressure cooker

​Let us tell you a fact about this electric pressure cooker.

This instant pot has received 4.5 stars out of 5 by nearly 3500 happy customers on amazon. This shows you that people actually love this pressure cooker a lot.

Furthermore, this best cake maker has been featured in #1 selling spot in slow cooker category.

This is suited for those people who want a cheap electric pressure cooker. It is one of the best pressure cookers under $80.

Let talk about the safety first, this pressure cooker has been certified by UL and ULC certification agencies. It also has inbuilt 10 safety mechanism to keep you safe when operating it. All the beginners should be worry free when using this instant pot as it will only open when it is safe.

The free accessories include things like: rice paddle, stainless steel steam rack, measuring cup, recipe booklet, operating manual and timetable.

This instant pot also includes features of 6 appliances in 1. This particular version also includes cake and egg programs in it making it one of the best egg cookers on the market.

You can also steam, warm, slow cook, sauté and pressure cook food in this awesome electric pressure cooker.

With the 10 smart inbuilt programs, you will enjoy every minute of cooking on this best instant pot.

Thanks to the new 3rd generation microprocessor technology, you can cook food for up to 240 minutes at a time and keep a delay timer for 24 hours. You can even set the pressure cooker to keep your food warm for 10 straight hours.

Isn’t that very handy?

External display and one touch pre-set button will help you quickly set the cooker and start cooking your favorite food.

This pressure cooker has a 3 ply bottom in order to evenly cook your food without any burning, along with that, there is no chemical coating done inside the pressure cooker. It is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

What more?

You can actually get an Alexa skill for this pressure cooker! You will get Alexa guided cooking, 300+ recipes, starter videos and personal grocery list.

Isn’t that really cool?

The weight and the dimensions are 11.5 pounds and 13.2 X 12.2 X 12.5 inches respectively. Additionally, you will get a free 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​LCD display
  • UL and ULC certified.
  • thumbs-upOne touch control.
  • thumbs-upAlexa skill available.
  • thumbs-up6 kitchen appliances in 1
  • thumbs-upEgg and cake cooker.
  • thumbs-up​10 safety mechanisms.


  • ​Does not have extra ordinary features that you get on high end pressure cookers (for example: yogurt cooking)

If you going for a cheap but good electric pressure cooker then this is it. If you follow other people then you might want to purchase this now as this is a very hot product on amazon right now, featuring in number 1 selling spot. Checkout the latest price on amazon now.

Tayama TMC-60XL instant pot review – Cheapest electric pressure cooker

​This is the cheapest electric pressure cooker on the market that is good enough for pretty much everyone.

Don’t misunderstand the cheap price for low quality. This is a good product which has good rating on amazon by the customers.

In this cheap electric pressure cooker, you will get modes like: pressure cook, slow cook, porridge maker, steamer, warmer and rice cook.

With the 12 built in microprocessor-controlled programs you can do thing like: keep the food warm, slow cook, make poultry, soup and meat. You will also be able to set cooking time from 0.5 hours to 20 hours.

This multi-functional electric pressure cooker also comes with an easy to remove lid and a free steam tray.

There is also a trivet or canning rack given to easily remove the food from the instant pot. The flavor infusion technology will help trap steam inside the container to make the liquid and moisture get into your food.

This instant pot is also able to keep your food warm automatically without monitoring. With the external buttons and digital display panel you will be able to input the pre-set easily for particular foods.

The weight of this pressure cooker is only 13.6 pounds and the dimensions are 13 X 14 X 13 inches.

You also get a standard 1 year warranty after the purchase.


  • ​Multifunctional design.
  • ​Easy to remove lid.
  • 12 built in microprocessor-controlled programs.
  • thumbs-up1 year warranty.
  • thumbs-upDisplay with one touch controls.
  • thumbs-up​Steam tray and canning rack provided.


  • ​Does not have many high end features.

​If you are looking for a simple and very cheap electric pressure cooker then this is the best choice for you. The low price along with 1 year warranty makes it worth the purchase. Go on amazon and purchase it today to start cooking your own food at home!

T-fal Electric pressure cooker review – Automatic electric pressure cooker

​Do you want a very healthy and quick dinner at home? Then this might be a good choice.

It is cheap, efficient and has good ratings on amazon.

The outer casing is made out of high quality stainless steel and has a 6 quart capacity.

The inside is made out of 4 layer ceramic to make the food cook evenly and uniformly. You get a detachable power cord, spatula, steam tray, measuring cup and a trivet as free accessories.

This best electric pressure cooker has a total of 25 different cooking programs installed in it, which will help you create delicious dishes anytime you want. Also, you get a keep warm mode which will keep the food warm automatically until you serve it.

This rice cooker also has 12 automatic functions to cook pre-set meals like: rice, oatmeal, stew, baby food and many others.  Talking about the safety, this electric pressure cooker has a hermitically sealed locking lid for safety and an easy to open top lid.

You will get a delay timer of 24 hours so you can time your meals whenever you like.

There’s more…

You will get a free recipe book which will include 30 unique recipes which will include things like seafood, soup, desserts, poultry and meats.

The weight and the dimension of this best yogurt maker are 12.7 pounds and 12.6 X 12.6 X 14.7 inches respectively.


  • ​24 hour delay start timer.
  • ​Free recipe booklet.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • thumbs-upIntuitive display and button panel.
  • thumbs-upQuick cooking.
  • thumbs-upFree accessories.
  • thumbs-up​Keep warm feature.


  • ​No warranty.

​If you want something with many features and low price then this is one of the best electric pressure cookers under $70. You will get many different cooking modes and free accessories with it. With the safety and easy to use design, this makes a great choice for purchase.

Mueller Pro series electric pressure cooker review – Cook 2 dishes simultaneously

​This best electric pressure cooker is designed and manufactured in Germany which speaks volumes about its quality and efficiency.

This is one of those rare products on the market in which you can cook two separate dishes at the same time. They have provided a stainless-steel rack with the packaging which will enable you to put 2 dishes on top of each other inside the pressure cooker.

Isn’t that really handy?

This best slow cooker is designed to last a long time. It is made with high quality rubber seals, nice durable internal electronics and reliable and strong heat resistant handles.

You get 19 smart programs on this instant hot pot which includes: meat, poultry, soup, curry, sterilize, cake, egg and many more.

The inner cooking pot is made with stainless steel without any kind of chemical coating. It also has an interior made out of 3 ply coating on the bottom for even heat distribution.

The ceramic non-stick interior coating along with a plastic PTFE and PFOA free materials, your food will be cooked under even heat from all sides. The fully sealed environment will make sure that your food retains all the flavor and nutrients.

WAIT there still more features in it…

Thanks to the next generation electronic controls, you will get delicious meal every single time. It also has microprocessors to monitor pressure, temperature and time.

These monitors will self-adjust the heating intensity and duration on its own to provide you with the best meal.

This best rated electric pressure cooker is also certified by UL and ULC for safety. It has 8 different types of safety mechanism installed inside it to provide you with the utmost safety and assurance.

Checkout the picture below to see the list of all the safety systems. You will be getting free glass lid, measuring cup, healthy recipe book, spoon and a steam rack with this best electric pressure cooker.

The size of this pressure cooker is 15.1 X 15.1 X 13.2 inches and the weight is only 19.2 pounds. You will get a standard warranty of 1 year as well.


  • ​8 safety features.
  • ​German engineered.
  • Many different pre-set programs.
  • thumbs-upReplace 10 kitchen appliances.
  • thumbs-up24 hour delay timer.
  • thumbs-upCan cook 2 dishes simultaneously.
  • thumbs-upUL and ULC approved.
  • thumbs-up1 year warranty.
  • thumbs-up19 smart programs.
  • thumbs-up​Preserved nutrients and flavor of food.


  • ​None

This is a really nice and worth the money electric pressure cooker. If you love German made products then this is it, you have to buy it and test it today. With all the nifty features and a 1 year warranty, this purchase cannot go wrong. Checkout the latest price on amazon today.

​Instant pot Ultra electric pressure cooker – EDITOR’s CHOICE

This is our most favourite electric pressure cooker on the market right now. And you will see why in just a moment.

This best electric pressure cooker has received 4.4 stars out of 5 from nearly 1500 happy customers (check it on amazon). It is also featured as the best electric pressure cooker on amazon right now in 201​9.

Let talk about the size first. The dimensions of this instant pot are 13 X 1.25 X 12.5 inches and the weight is only 11.83 pounds. So, it is small and lightweight enough to carry it around wherever you like.

The center dial with a big LCD screen makes selection of setting a piece of cake. You can just turn the knob and select whatever setting you want. It is that easy!

It has 3 unique features that you won’t find in any electric pressure cooker on the market: altitude adjustment setting, steam release button and the cooking indicator lights.

You can now sterilize, make cake, make eggs and do many other things with this best electric pressure cooker. The ultra button provides whole new customization options.

You can forget the following appliances as this product will take the place: pressure cookers, slow cookers, yogurt makers, cake makers, egg cooker, steamers, warmers and sterilizers.

The manufacturer has developed this electric pressure cooker with the latest 3rd generation technology with an implanted microprocessor. The microprocessor helps monitor temperature, duration and can adjust heating intensity on its own.

The casing is made out of food grade 308 stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about any kind of chemical or other things mixing up in your food.

This best electric pressure cooker is also UL listed for safety and it has 11 safety features that will give you peace of mind when using it.

Other features include: cooking progress monitor, central dial, ultimate custom programming, Alexa skill, recipe book and many other things.

You will be getting a standard 1 year warranty with this electric pressure cooker.


  • ​Lightweight and compact.
  • ​11 safety mechanisms.
  • Quick steam release button.
  • thumbs-upAlexa compatible.
  • thumbs-upFree accessories.
  • thumbs-upReplaces 10 kitchen appliances.
  • thumbs-upSuitable for family of 4 to 6 people.
  • thumbs-up​UL and ULC listed.


  • ​None

​This is the most recommended product right now in 201​9. We would highly recommend you to buy this as this electric pressure cooker has plethora of features. Even the safety on it is taken very seriously, also they have provided you with 11 safety features. If you are confused about what to buy, then go for this electric pressure cooker, we are sure you will love it.

Mealthy Multipot review – Best rated electric pressure cooker

​OK, so there is one feature of this electric pressure cooker that will make you buy it right now!

​It is rated at 4.8 stars out of 5 on amazon!

Isn’t that amazing?

People actually love this product. More than 500 people have rated it and it shows that this pressure cooker delivers every bit that it claims.

This best rice cooker will replace 9 appliances in your kitchen. You will be able to cook meals in minutes with this awesome instant pot.

What’s best?

You will be able to checkout various recipes on the company Mealthy mobile app.

You will access to thousands of recipes free of cost once you download this app. You will even have access to step by step videos on how to use this best electric pressure cooker.

You can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, sauté, make cake, make yogurt, pasteurize, cook rice and reheat your food with this best cake maker. You will also be able to cook 2 meals at the same time by using the free stainless-steel steamer basket.

You will get a 1 year warranty with the purchase, so you can be stress free when using it.

This best rated electric pressure cooker features 14 easy touch cooking programs on the surface as buttons. These include things like: soup, chili, beans, meat, stew, poultry etc.

They have also provided with free accessories like: extra silicon gasket, steamer basket, silicon mitts, raised steam rack, rice paddle, ladle and measuring cup with the purchase.

What more can you ask from an electric pressure cooker? Checkout the picture below to see all the safety systems installed in it.  The overall weight of this pressure cooker is 14.8 pounds and the dimensions are 12.2 X 13.4 X 12.5 inches.


  • ​Various safety features.
  • ​Red button to show when the steam is highest.
  • Extra wide steam release knob.
  • thumbs-upEasy to touch control panel with 14 pre-sets.
  • thumbs-upLarge LCD panel.
  • thumbs-upCan cook 2 dishes simultaneously.
  • thumbs-up9 in 1 appliance.


  • ​We couldn’t find any!

This is an absolute awesome package that you are getting! It has long warranty along with some nice features. You also get lots of free stuff and the pressure cooker is not very costly. Being rated the highest, it deserves the place in your kitchen. Buy it now and tell us what you cooked in it!

​Crock-Pot 6 quart electric pressure cooker review – Best for beginners

​This Crockpot electric pressure cooker is very easy to use for beginners. It is also very cheap when compared to the average price of instant pot on the market. It has been reviewed by more than 1500 happy customers, which shows that it indeed is a very good product and people love it.

This manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers of instant electric pressure cooker pots. It has clear express programmable setting which are very easy to use. You can slow cook, pressure cook, brown, sauté or steam in this pressure cooker.

Thanks to the 8 in 1 touch digital meal setting menus, you can even make things like meat, stew, yogurt, eggs, dessert, soup and multigrain in this best yogurt maker.

Love cleaned appliances?

Then you are going to love hearing that this appliance is dish washer safe! Its non-stick interior surface does not get any food stuck on it and is very easy to clean up.

Want to start cooking after a while, then you can use the delay timer to start cooking after a set interval of time. Comes handy!

The airtight locking lid system is designed to sustain very high pressures, and it also has a safety system which will not allow you to open it until all the steam has been vented.

Keep the food warm by using the warm function that will keep the food inside the pressure cooker warm until you open it and serve.

Cool, right?

You will be getting a free steaming rack, a recipe book and a serving spoon with the purchase. The overall size of this electric pressure cooker is 13.6 X13.6 X 11.9 inches and the weight is 16.5 pounds.

As with most of the electric pressure cooker, you will get a 1 year warranty with it as well.


  • ​8 pre-set functions.
  • ​One touch digital control.
  • Safety lid system
  • thumbs-upMade with non-stick material.
  • thumbs-upAirtight sealing system.
  • thumbs-up​Easy clean-up and dishwasher safe.


  • ​Has limited cooking options and modes

​If you are a beginner when it comes to using electric pressure cookers then this is the right product for you. It has decluttered menus system and has limited option when it comes to cooking. You will not be confused with all the various settings at all. Cheap, durable and made by a reputed manufacturer, this product is a bang for the buck.

Cuisinart CPC-600 electric pressure cooker – Highest warranty in the market

​Are you that kind of person who need a lot of assurance before buying any product?Then this is for you!

This Cuisinart electric pressure cooker comes with a whopping 3 year warranty!

Do we even have to say more? They trust their appliance so much that they are willing to give a very long warranty.

Honestly, we have not seen any pressure cooker with this long warranty on the market, this means that this product is very efficient and very long lasting.

It is even rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by more than 1500 customers on amazon. People love it!

You will get a 6 quart electric pressure cooker which will cut off your cooking time by nearly 70% percent. So, no more waiting for your meals to cook!

It is made with BPA free material and is very environmentally friendly.  With the push button controls and easy to read digital screen, you will be operating this machine within no time at all.

You will get features like timer delay, cool touch handles, non-stick interiors and much more.

It is also dishwasher safe, so you can chuck it inside dishwasher to get it clean. You will get setting like pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, simmering, reheating and warming.

The overall dimension of this best egg cooker are 12.2 X 12.2 X 13.2 inches and the weight is 14 pounds.


  • ​3 year warranty.
  • ​Made with stainless steel.
  • Captures flavours and nutrients inside the food.
  • thumbs-upCuts cooking time by 70%.
  • thumbs-up5 in 1 cooking settings.
  • thumbs-upDigital display with touch buttons.
  • thumbs-up​BPA free


  • ​Limited cooking settings and modes available.
  • List Element
  • List Element

Although it has fewer setting and cooking modes, this is one of the best electric pressure cookers on the market right now. As it has very high ratings given by more than 1500 happy customers you can deduce that it actually is a very good product. with the 3 year warranty we are sure you will comfortable in investing in this pressure cooker today!

Instant pot DU060 electric pressure cooker review – MORE THAN 27900 REVIEWS!!

Ok so this best electric pressure cooker has been reviewed by nearly 28000 people!!

That is just mind blowing isn’t it?

This is what every single person buys when they want an electric pressure cooker!

It is one of the best electric pressure cookers under $100 on the market in 201​9. Why would you not buy it!

You will get an instant pot which has 7 in 1 multifunctionalities like: yogurt maker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, warmer, steriliser, steamer and sautéing.

You can even delay cooking by using the 24 hours timer. The manual setting allows you to cook for 120 minutes straight at a time.

It also features 14 built in smart programs which you can easily access from the large display panel in the front.

Talking about the safety, this bestselling electric pressure cooker is UL listed for reliability and safety. It also has inbuilt 10 different safety mechanisms which will never let anything go wrong.

The inside of the cooking pot is made with food friendly materials and the bottom is made out of 3 ply stainless steel in order to cook your food evenly. The outer casing is also made out of durable stainless steel as well.

You will get a recipe book free with the purchase, this recipe book is written in English and French both.

Other feature includes: dual pressure settings, automatic keep warm feature, Alexa skill and 3 different intensities of pressure and temperature.

You will always get the same taste as the consistency is maintained by the 3rd generation technology monitors.

The overall size of this electric pressure cooker is 13.4 X 12.5 X 12.5 inches and the weight is 11.8 pounds. You will also get a free 1 year warranty with the purchase.


  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​3 ply bottom structure to cook food evenly.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • thumbs-upStainless steel casing.
  • thumbs-up10 different safety features.
  • thumbs-up14 inbuilt programs.
  • thumbs-up​Free recipe book.


  • ​People have complaints of it not working over a long time period.

This best electric pressure cooker has been reviewed by 28000 people! Do we even have to say more? It is one of the best electric pressure cookers that you can buy online in 201​9. Go for it and we are sure you will love it!


​You might have already chosen the perfect electric pressure cooker for yourself, but just in case you are still confused, we would like to recommend you the best one as per out view.

There are different kinds of electric pressure cookers on our list for different kind of people and their requirements. But one product that we think will suit to everyone is Instant pot Ultra 10 in 1 Multi-use electric pressure cooker.

It has many different modes and cooking setting that you can use to prep delicious meal in no time at all. Along with many safety mechanisms they also provide you with free accessories which will be very helpful when cooking new recipes.

Buy it today to start cooking your meals in no time at all!

Happy cooking!