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After listening to someone play an acoustic guitar, surely you would have a feeling inside you that you wanted to learn it, correct?

Maybe you are already learning how to play guitar and want to buy a proper sounding branded guitar for yourself!

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Best Acoustic -Electric Guitars 201​9

Best acoustic guitars under $500

The most popular musical instrument we think is the guitar, and the markets are filled with thousands of different types of guitars. Ranging from $30-$40 all the way to $3000-$4000.

So how would you decide which is the best for you?

Buying the best acoustic guitar out there would probably cost you $3000 upwards depending on the quality, brand, and sound, but for the beginners and tight budget people, we have come up with the best acoustic guitars under $500.

These are entry-level professional guitars that sound excellent and give out the best acoustic sound. They are perfect for purchase as your first guitar!

These best acoustic guitars under $500 would surely give you a great playing experience and will definitely wow the audiences if you are good at playing.

We have a list of the top 10 best acoustic guitars under $500 in this post; each one is perfect when it comes to fan following. All of our picks have been reviewed in detail for you to understand the features and other things better.

Make sure you check out this table below which shows you some necessary comparison between all the best acoustic electric guitars under $500.



​Best For

​Check Price

Alvarez AG75CE

Award Winning Guitar Series
  • Experienced Manufacturer
  • Advanced Bracing System
  • Premium Die-Cast Tuners

The Loar LH-200

The Acoustic-Electric duo guitar
  • 1920’s Design
  • Vintage Sound
  • Fishman Sonitone EQ Pickup

Martin Travel String

Best portable guitar under $200
  • Perfect for camping
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Reputed Manufacturer

Yamaha FG840

Reputed Guitar Brand
  • 50 Years of experience
  • Strong and Durable
  • Perfect for Begineers


Highly reviewed guitar
  • 4.5 Stars on Amazon
  • Solid top and sound stability
  • Low Battery indicator

Taylor GS Mini

Best rated acoustic guitar under $500
  • Perfect for Kids
  • Comfortable
  • Variant Available

Martin LX1E

FSC certified guitar
  • Hugely Reputed Brand
  • Great Sound Customization
  • Deep, rich and clear sound

Seagull S6 Original

  • Best of the Best
  • Premium Construction
  • Vibrant and Clear Sound

Taylor BBT

Best Medium-sized guitar for teenagers
  • Perfect for small built people
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Plug-in Capability

Takamine G Series GD51CE

Limited Stock Gloss Finish Guitar
  • Premium quality and style
  • Venetian style cutaway
  • Perfect for gifting kids

So, let us start with the reviewing, shall we?

Alvarez AG75CE Artist Series Review– Award Winning Guitar Series

Best acoustic guitars under $500

Yes, you read that right, this Alvarez best acoustic guitar under $500 is from an award-winning series of guitars that are really popular in states, Europe and many other parts of the world.

They have been making guitars from the past 50 years, so we can safely say they are experts at it!

Cool yeah?

You will have an awesome playing experience along with a solid top, forward shifted scalloped bracing and long-lasting durability.

This artists series of best acoustic guitars are built to correctly release the energy of the solid soundboard, which gives you the best tone and sound.

This guitar also features an advanced bracing system which includes FST2M components of the company along with a bi-level bridge, great quality tonewood and real bone nut.

The soundboard is optimised by using a solid maple bridge plate in order to gain superior strength and energy. This is a forward shifted X brace designed best acoustic guitar under $500.

Talking about the construction, it is made out of A-grade Sitka spruce and cedar tops which are handpicked from quarter swan wood. The top of this best acoustic guitar under $500 is really stiff, finely grained and sturdy.

You get a sound which is warm, open and robust. Along with that, the bass and the treble registers are clearly present and balanced in this guitar.

The dimension and the weight of this guitar are 40.7 X 4.6 X 15.9 inches and 7.28 pounds respectively.


  • The Award Winning Artist Series
  • Advanced Bracing system
  • Solid A grade red cedar top
  • thumbs-upRosewood back and sides
  • thumbs-upPremium Die-cast tuners
  • thumbs-upQuality construction
  • thumbs-upLR Baggs Stage Pro Element electronics


  • People have been mentioning that the stings that come with this guitar are a bit heavier than usual.
  • The electronics on this guitar are not 10/10 (use an amp or a pedal to enhance it).

This is an excellent option for those who are looking for the best acoustic guitar under $500 which is made out of the said wood and has scalloped bracing and is forward shifted for better sound. People who have bought this on Amazon have given it very high ratings, which can be seen on the Amazon page. Please visit the page to get more information about this guitar.

The Loar Flat Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar– The Acoustic-Electric duo guitar

Best acoustic guitars under $500

The primary objective of the Loar company is the revive the traditions of the 1920’s and 1930’s when the guitars when made by outstanding craftsman and had innovative designs. They have some of the most beautifully crafted acoustic-electric guitars on the market. 

This best acoustic electric guitar under $500 has been inspired by the classic 1920’s blues box designs. It has a warm sound, has projection and can give out throaty blues rhythms. A lot of people who have these specific needs are buying Loar’s guitars.

This guitar has a classic pre-war body style, a throaty and full-bodied tone along with outstanding other features.

It features a mahogany neck, ivoroid body binding, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides. It even has fretboard and bridge made out of rosewood along with a Fishman soniton EQ.

This best acoustic electric guitar under $500 is very lightweight and gives out a vibe of early 20’s.

If you are moving around a lot, then you would love the small body of this guitar which can be easily handled and transported.

This is a perfect choice of the guitar if you want a vintage sound and other older features that you used to get in the 20’s.


  • Small body design
  • Classic 20’s vibe and features
  • Solid spruce top and mahogany side and back
  • thumbs-upFishman Sonitone EQ pickup
  • thumbs-upRosewood fretboard
  • thumbs-upFun to play


  • There is no pickguard
  • Strap button difficulties

If you are looking for that early 20’s vibe and blues kind of sound from your guitar, then this is the best acoustic electric guitar under $500 for you. It is made out of great materials and manufactured by a company that aims to revive the guitar styles and designs on the olden days. Check out the Amazon page for the latest price today!

Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar – Best portable guitar under $200

Best acoustic guitars under $500

You must already know Martin company if you are into guitars, they are one of the most famous people to make the finest guitars. They even have guitars for affordable pockets all the way up to the priciest guitars on the market.

This is a cheap travel best acoustic guitar under $200. Its perfect for camping, travelling or taking it along with you wherever you go.

It will give you a classic and awesome sound without denting your pocket a lot. The oar-shaped guitar is very practical in use and is also very user-friendly when it comes to handling it.

This definitely is – one of a kind guitar!

Looks cool, right?

You will get a strong mahogany neck with an outline shape and a classic fingerboard made out of rosewood. This best acoustic guitar under $200 is made for durability and convenience. It has solid spruce top and solid tonewood back and sides. You will get a 24-inch scale length along with 15 frets.

Although you can say the hardware of this best guitar is minimalistic, but it surely has a great sound when it comes to playing and enjoying the experience.

You can expect this best acoustic guitar under $200 to sound like a banjo because of its shape, regardless of that, it does sound loud and booming. You will be getting a little higher pitch of sound compared to the classic acoustic guitars that you find everywhere on the market.

For the price, this is one of the best acoustic guitars that can be bought on the market for value. You will get a 1-year warranty with the purchase.


  • No fret noise at all
  • 1-year warranty
  • Best and reputed manufacturer
  • thumbs-upPerfect for travelling
  • thumbs-upSmall yet sounds great
  • thumbs-upHas good booming sound
  • thumbs-upVery high rating (4.4) on Amazon by nearly 200 customers
  • thumbs-upStrong construction out of beautiful woods


  • This guitar does not sound like all the other normal acoustic guitars you would see on the market, make sure you know how the sound is before purchasing.

This is perfect for someone who travels and lot and need a music companion on the path. Its small size and thin design makes it perfect for usage on the road. You will get a higher pitch noise like a banjo which many people want. Therefore, if you are one of those people, then you should go on Amazon and buy it today!

Yamaha FG840 Best Guitar Under $500 Review – Reputed Manufacturer

Best acoustic guitars under $500

Everyone knows about these Yamaha guitars, right?

They make some of the best guitars out there in the market; if you are a beginner, then this is the best choice for you.

Yamaha has been making guitars from last 50 years; they have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the sound and construction of guitars.

This FG series was launched in 1966 as a great acoustic guitar. People loved the playability along with the build quality and outstanding sound which came out of this guitar.

This FG840 best acoustic guitar under $500 has a loud and strong sound which ranges from low to mid. Thanks to the research and development team at Yamaha, this cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology has been developed and used in these fantastic guitars.

Cool, right?

You will be getting all newly developed scalloped bracing pattern which is really good and enhances the durability of this best acoustic guitar under $500. You will get a better natural sound from this guitar than others.

There are also 2 different body shapes available for this guitar along with 5-grade different tone wood colour options. There is also an electric acoustic model available for those of you who want to use the guitar with an amp.

The construction is made out of very slowly cured, and dried wood and the finish is hand sprayed beautifully on the guitar. The detail finish and control over the design is absolutely impressive with all the Yamaha guitars.

This guitar will definitely be a lifelong companion for you!


  • Very strong and durable
  • Solid spruce top
  • Can hold your custom tuning for days
  • thumbs-upBest manufacturer
  • thumbs-upHigh ratings
  • thumbs-upSounds great and clear
  • thumbs-upPerfect for beginners


  • This model can be a little less sustainable than other FG models (for beginners the difference is negligible)
  • Most of the variant models looks same in FG series

This Yamaha guitar is the best acoustic guitar under $500 for beginners. The quality, construction, and detail given to its design is outstanding. Once you start caring about the guitar, then this is going to last you for many decades to come. Check out the Amazon page for more details and the latest price.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Guitar Review– Highly reviewed guitar on Amazon

Best acoustic guitars under $500

This best acoustic electric guitar under $500 has been given a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 by 100 buyers on Amazon!

Amazing, right?

Hummingbird was a very famous guitar back in the day, and Epiphone has revived it in 21st century with all new shadow performer preamp and shadow nano flex pickup system.

This is one of the best acoustic electric guitar under $500 right now on the market in 201​9.

You will be getting mahogany back and sides along with a solid spruce top. There is also a rosewood fingerboard which has pearled parallelograms inlays.

This is an acoustic-electric guitar, so it has the ability to be used with an amp when playing on the stage. You will be getting controls on the upper boat, which include things like bass, treble, mute, EQ, volume and other dynamic controls.

You will also be getting a low battery indicator so as to not be shocked with a dead battery when playing on stage or at a gathering.

This best acoustic electric guitar also has imitation bone saddle along with a truss rod and light strings with excellent playability.

You will also get really nice groove turners which are very easy to tune without getting any tightness or other adjusting issues.

This guitar is known for its stability, balance and big and bold sound. This is indeed a well built and carefully designed guitar when it comes to acoustic-electric guitars.


  • Big and bold sound
  • Smooth playability
  • Lots of electric tuning options
  • thumbs-upDesigned on the classic hummingbirds’ design
  • thumbs-upAll genre can be played on this guitar
  • thumbs-upVery high-quality standard
  • thumbs-upCan be used for recordings as well
  • thumbs-upComfortable
  • thumbs-upLow battery indicator


  • No built-in tuner
  • Some users complain of hearing a bit of buzz when played
  • Colour might fade over time

This indeed is an excellent guitar for anyone; it is even cheaper than other similar guitars on the market. It has lots of options for tuning like bass, treble, volume, etc. you will for sure love this best acoustic electric guitar under $500 when you play it. Why wait? Buy it today and start playing!

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Guitar review – Best rated acoustic guitar under $500

Best acoustic guitars under $500

This best acoustic guitar under $500 has been voted to be a 4.6/5 stars Amazon, isn’t that amazing?

This is one of the best-rated guitars on Amazon and is perfect for everyone, especially kids.

This is a scaled-downed version of a full big size guitar; this is done so people can gift this incredible guitar to young kids. Although it is a mini version, you will be surprised to know that it sounds like a full sized version.

No matter where you are, whether in a concert or in your house on a couch, this best acoustic guitar under $500 will be best suited to you because of the perfect balance of portability and playability.

It has a broad-based accessibility which gives it a nice appeal and a fun factor.

The sides and back is made out of solid mahogany wood, and it also has a layered Sapele bracing pattern in it. The relief body finish and the matte 2.0 give this guitar an incredible design. 

You will be getting two options when it comes to electronics. First one is the ES-Go soundhole pickup which is really great to prevent hindrances and vibrations when playing.  The second option is the V cable which is great for level adjustments and other control settings.

Despite the small size, this is a great guitar which will play and sound like a full sized guitar.


  • Perfect for kids
  • Very comfortable
  • Stay in tune for longer period of time
  • thumbs-upExcellent sound clarity
  • thumbs-upBest rated acoustic guitar under $500
  • thumbs-upVery lightweight
  • thumbs-upSkinny neck makes playing it easy


  • Might be expensive when considering the small size
  • The satin finish is vulnerable to physical damages like scratches

If you are looking a guitar for your kids or want to gift it to a teenager, this is the perfect choice. The small size and perfect sound will blow away kids minds because while being a small guitar, this one sounds like a full-sized guitar. If you are comfortable with the pricing, then you can go ahead and buy it today! Overall this is not a bad choice at all as it is made by the very famous brand Taylor!

Martin LX1E Best acoustic electric guitar review– FSC certified guitar

Best acoustic guitars under $500

This fun-sized Martin acoustic guitar is of a smaller size compared to the full adult guitars on the market. Although it is not the smallest on the market, you can even get guitars smaller than this if you look online.

This best acoustic guitar will be best suited for people who travel and lot or people who are of small built. You are not going to have any problem carrying this guitar in buses and in airports at all.

You have to keep in mind that this smaller sized guitar will not give you the same exact sound output as the full sized guitars would.

The body of this best acoustic guitar under $500 is really durable and is less vulnerable to scratching and other damage because of the lamination.

You will be getting a classic Martin sound in this guitar which will be a little miniaturised, but it sure does not play bright and thinner sound like other small guitars on the market.

It will give you a deep and rich sound which is Martins trademark when it comes to the best guitars.

Furthermore, this best acoustic electric guitar under $500 also has a Fishman ISYS T system with preamp controls which will help you control things like volume, shaping, and phases.

This guitar indeed gives you a great customization option for your sound output.

The top is made out of solid Sitka spruce, and the back and the sides are made out of high-pressure laminate. The saddle is made out of TUSQ, and the nut is built out of black Corian.

You will be getting a neck on this guitar which is made out of 35 stripes of layers wood which is joint and glued together. The fingerboard and the bridge also give out a very classy look.

All in all, this is really one good guitar!


  • Very clear, rich and deep sound
  • Excellent preamp provided
  • Very durable
  • thumbs-upSimple and classy design
  • thumbs-upPerfect for travellers
  • thumbs-upGood playability
  • thumbs-upContour switch to boost bass and treble available


  • Bass projection does not match to full bodied guitars
  • A bit expensive
  • Not suited to you if you are looking for a full-sized guitar sound output

This best acoustic electric guitar under $500 is best suited to people who are built small or people who tent to travel a lot and need a portable guitar. It is made by Martin so you can expect a very good sound output and excellent preamp controls. If you are a beginner or a traveller, then this is one of the best guitars to buy out today!

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review – EDITORS CHOICE for the best acoustic guitar under $500

Best acoustic guitars under $500

This Seagull S6 acoustic guitar is everyone’s favourite when it comes to perfect sound and long lasting built. We have chosen this as the EDITORS CHOICE as we have completely fallen in love with the best acoustic guitar under $500.

The quality of the material used in this guitar really reflects when you play it.

The top is made out of pressure tested solid cedar wood. They have used Canadian wild cherry wood to make the side and the back of this beautiful guitar.

We are sure you won’t find any guitars in this price range made out of cherry wood!

The sound which comes out of this affordable guitar is really similar to the sound of very high-end guitar that you can see on the market. This guitar really responds spectacularly to arpeggios or fingerpicking patterns.

It has a bright and thick tone when played, which is what most people look for in guitars.

This best acoustic guitar under $500 is really built for all the beginners as people tend to quickly get used to its shape and ropes in order to quickly learn playing.

You can even get an electric acoustic version of this guitar if you are interested in playing on stage or want to connect the guitar to speakers. You might have to pay a little more for that variant.

The head of this guitar is a bit smaller than other acoustic guitars on the market, and you will also notice that your hand won’t wrap around the neck as it can with other guitars.

The tuning stability on this best acoustic guitar under $500 is outstanding thanks to the manufacturer putting the tuners in line with the nut. Even after may days of playing, this guitar will retain all the tuning.

You will also feel that it’s easy to move from low to high notes very quickly without a lot of hassle and difficulty with this guitar as it has a perfect width and length of neck.


  • Premium material used for construction
  • Excellent feel and action
  • Well balanced sound
  • thumbs-upReputed manufacturer
  • thumbs-upOUR CHOICE
  • thumbs-upExtreme focus on small details
  • thumbs-upSuitable to both beginners and advanced guitarists
  • thumbs-upVibrant and clear sound


  • Some people find this guitars’ sound too bright
  • The electronic version is more expensive

If you look at this guitar for the first time, then you would not find any extraordinary features. But once you play it, you will know that it’s the best guitar ever in this price range. Solid construction, detail on small things and premium materials all come together to produce the best sound for you. You will be using this guitar for a long time from now without any issues. Buy it today and share with us what you loved about it!

Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Best Medium-sized guitar for teenagers

Best acoustic guitars under $500

Believe it or not, this best acoustic guitar under $500 has got a complete 5-star review on Amazon by its buyers!

Cool, right?

This is the big baby version acoustic guitar which is slightly bigger than the baby version of Taylor guitars. Although it is still short of being a full-sized guitar.

The medium size is perfect for kids and teenagers who have difficulties handling and playing full-sized guitars.

It has an arched back which is really good for the strength of the guitar, and it also contributes to the big tonal output of sound. Although it is a portable sized guitar, you will be surprised to know that it retains the volume and fullness of a big guitar.

It has solid Sitka spruce back and sides which are layered with sapele bracing pattern. It comes with a matte 2.0 body finish along with a right-handed neck shape.

You will also get a genuine African ebony neck wood fingerboard with 20 frets and a scale length of 25-1/2.

Talking about the sound now, the sound quality and projection on this guitar is really good considering the size. You will be getting a bigger action on this guitar, so it is easy to play on your fingers. Which is really good news for the kids!

Taylor guitars are seen as one of the best guitars with complete quality and craftsmanship. It does set a very high standard for other companies.

As soon as you take this best acoustic guitar under $500 out of the box, you will be ready to tune and play it instantly.


  • Reputed brand
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • thumbs-upPlug in capability
  • thumbs-upEbony fretboard is very comfortable
  • thumbs-upVery durable
  • thumbs-upPerfect for teenagers


  • The back of the guitar feels a bit grainy to a lot of buyers
  • No one piece neck
  • Better suitable to fingerpicking than strumming

Anyone who know guitar will tell you that you can always trust Taylor guitars. They have been making and selling thousands of guitars from many years. The craftsmanship and quality that goes in making each of these guitars is really good, and the guitar are very durable. This BBT guitar will be best suited for teenagers and adults alike, so go on to Amazon to find what the latest price is!

Takamine G Series Acoustic electric guitar review – Limited stock Gloss finish guitar

Best acoustic guitars under $500

This Takamine G series GD51 could be the thinnest guitar out there with a dreadnought design. It combines premium style along with good technical features and stylish look altogether to give out really good sparkling music.

Takamine have been making guitars from last 50 years and are famous for making traditional guitars which are very well praised in the community.

You will be getting a wide array of tones from this guitar, thanks to its design. It also delivers a huge variety of tones of equal proportions even though it is all packed in a small case.

The top is made out of solid spruce and rosewood is used to make the sides and the back. You will be getting a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets which will help you get smooth playability.

The outer part of guitar has a natural gloss finish which looks very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

There are six gold die-cast tuners on the top along with a very good looking headstock. The traditional rosewood bridge system is also built with precision.

This Takamine is really good at making incredible sound dynamics which mimic the sound output of expensive martin guitars.

Cool, right?

You will be getting electronic as well in this guitar. Along with that, there is also a sunburnt style/colour of this guitar which you can buy for the same price!

The action of this guitar is set up with accuracy, and you can play this best acoustic electric guitar under $500 right out of the box. It is indeed a value for money!


  • Consistent sound
  • Stay in tune for longer periods of time
  • Premium quality and style
  • thumbs-upGloss body finish
  • thumbs-upAmplified versatility
  • thumbs-upSolid spruce top
  • thumbs-upVenetian style cutaway


  • Might be uncomfortable after playing for hours
  • Could be expensive for some buyers

If you are willing to spend the money, this is one of the best acoustic electric guitar under $500 out there. Takamine has been making guitar from many decades, and they have the precision and ability to make guitars sound perfect for customers. This guitar is a favourite of many guitarists all over the world. Go and check out their Amazon page right now to see what else this guitar has to offer!


There you go! Did you read all the reviews of the best guitars under $500?

Yes? Then you must have selected the one which you love, right?

GREAT! Go ahead and buy that one off from Amazon today and start playing those tunes.

But, just in case, you are still confused as to which guitar to buy, then please let us recommend you our favourite guitar.

We just love the Seagull S6 Original acoustic guitar! It has been reviewed by so many people on , and all of them have given it a very high rating! It is the most favorite guitar of most player around the world in this price range.

With premium materials and focused hardware, you will be getting a guitar which sound true and stable even after many days of playing. The company has put in so much effort on small details which come together to provide rich, bright sound to the players.

Go ahead and buy this Seagull S6 guitar today from Amazon and tell us how you like it when your first played it in comments below!

Until then, check out our reviews of many other items on our website.

Happy Strumming!