How Tall is Joe Weller?

British social media influencer and YouTuber Joe Weller is well-known for his vlogs, comedy sketches, and fitness-related content. Even though Joe Weller has millions of followers thanks to his humorous videos and online character, one topic that keeps coming up among his fans is how tall is Joe Weller? His height has been the subject of conjecture and interest, with contrasting information appearing online. Using information from reliable sources as well as personal observations from Joe Weller, our goal in writing this piece is to reveal the truth regarding his stature.

Category Details
Full Name Joe Martin Weller
Birth Date March 2, 1996
Birth Place Brighton, England
Height 5’8.5″ to 5’9″ (174-175 cm)
Occupation YouTube Personality, Boxer, Musician
YouTube Channel Joe Weller
Subscribers Over 5 million
Notable Content Comedy sketches, challenges, boxing matches, music videos
Claimed Height 5’9″
Verified Height 5’8.5″ to 5’9″ (varies between sources)
Social Media Active on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
Other Information Known for his boxing matches, especially against KSI

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