How Tall is Bill Walton?

Basketball legend Bill Walton has long been renowned for his towering physical presence on the court. However, there has been some confusion and discrepancy regarding his exact height over the years. This article aims to definitively settle the question of how tall Bill Walton stands, examining the verified facts and dispelling any misinformation surrounding this iconic player’s stature.

Attribute Details
Name Bill Walton
Full Name William Theodore Walton III
Profession Retired Professional Basketball Player, Sportscaster
Date of Birth November 5, 1952
Height 7 feet 2 inches (218 cm)
College University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
NBA Teams Portland Trail Blazers, San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics
Championships 2× NBA Champion (1977 with Trail Blazers, 1986 with Celtics)
Awards NBA Most Valuable Player (1978), NBA Finals MVP (1977), 2× NBA All-Star
College Achievements 2× NCAA Champion, 3× College Player of the Year
Post-Retirement Career Sportscaster, commentator for multiple networks including ESPN
Personal Life Known for his enthusiasm and distinctive commentary style, advocate for various social and environmental causes
Recognition Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame (1993)

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