planning a trip around the world

Planning a trip around the world is quite an undertaking, in any circumstances, but taking that trip is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of your life. Since we all have plenty of time to plan right now, it seems like a good time to sketch out those plans.

We are going to ignore the situation that has caused us to have all of this time, and just adress the planning aspect of a trip around the world.

Seeing all the beautiful places you most want to see and doing the things you have always dreamed of doing is possible. However, it takes careful and meticulous planning.

Like most people, your first question is probably, “Where do I even begin?” The answer to that question is right here in this article as it’s filled with all the information you will need to make your dream of travelling the world a reality.

We have broken down everything you need to know so you can put a plan together for your world travels. Once you have your plan in place and are ready to embark on your journey, all you will need to do is enjoy, make great memories, and take lots of pictures!


Knowing which countries are a priority for you to visit will determine everything else about your trip around the world, but you will also need to know how much time you have to spend in each place and how much money is in your budget. There are specifics about each country that will also take up time and money, so be sure to do your research on these subjects before you start writing an itinerary.

1. Know Your Budget

know your budget
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Knowing your budget is one of the most important things for booking your trip around the world. When you pick the places you want to see, you must consider the price of flights, cost of food, visa costs, passport costs, and budget money for souvenirs and emergencies. Consider these carefully before you begin, as sticking to your budget will keep you from having regrets later.

2. Know How Much Time You Have Available

You may have two weeks, two months, or a year to spend traveling, and your timeframe is key to planning your trip around the world. Be sure to include the time you will travel back home in your plan too.

3. Choose Your Countries Wisely

Each country you want to visit will have specific entry requirements, and some may require specific visas that can take time to process and approve, so be sure you know what is required to enter each country you plan to visit. Some countries are difficult to get visas for, so you may decide you want to skip those.

4. Plan a Direct Route

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Once you know the entry requirements for each country you want to visit and you are comfortable securing your visas for those places, it is time to route your trip. The best way to do this is to get a map and use pins or flags to mark each place you want to visit. As you connect the dots to the places you want to visit most, you may alter your route to make it easier on your travel plans.

5. Consider Asking for Help

If you need to, and can afford, the extra cost, contact a travel agent to help you route and plan your trip. You may have a good idea of what you want, but an experienced travel agent can help you plan a trip that will help you get the best out of both your time and budget.


We have already mentioned the added cost of visas and time needed for flights, but there are more things to consider that you may not immediately think of when planning your trip.

1. Unpredictable Weather

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While you may not know whether it will rain on the day you will be in a certain country, you should consider the overall climate of the countries you plan to visit on your trip around the world. If you are visiting Japan in winter, it will be cold and you will need a coat, scarf, gloves, and a hat; but, if you are visiting Trinidad in winter, you could probably get by with shorts and a T-shirt. Know the climate of your country and be prepared.

2. Know of the Culture

Be sure to consider the culture norms of the countries you plan to visit. If people are conservative, dress conservatively, and try not to draw unwanted attention. Study the proper way to dress and know the way to address someone when speaking. Also consider what is acceptable when eating with people of a different culture. In some countries, they consider it impolite to refuse food when offered.

3. Banking and Money

If you will use a credit or debit card to make purchases, consider opening a separate account from your main account to avoid the risk of fraud. Open an account you can access online and transfer small amounts to at a time as you need funds. This will prevent a stolen card from ruining your trip and possibly stranding you in another country. If you will be using cash, consider exchange rates and how you will keep your cash safe during your travels

4. Accommodations

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Consider your options when deciding where to stay and how much to spend as there are many options available that may surprise you. Look online or ask your travel agent to help you find other options. Another option to consider: are you, or someone you know, related to someone who lives in the country you are visiting? Could you stay with them? Or could they suggest local options?

5. How You Will Travel?

Will you fly to each destination as you travel around the world, or could you walk or hike overland to your next destination? Be daring. Would traveling in an ox cart or riding a camel be completely out of the question? Don’t be afraid to find out and explore all your travel options when planning a trip to traverse the globe.


Once you have made your decisions on where, how long, and how much you can spend on your trip around the world and you have made all the considerations for travel, accommodations, and money, it is time for the final details.

1. Packing

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Packing does not have to be the dreaded chore of travel. Not when you know where you are going, for how long, and how you will be lodging. One rule of thumb is this: dress like a local. Since you know where you are going, it won’t be hard to know what they wear. Be sure to prepare for rain or a sudden cold snap, and pack things like hats, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes for walking. Another good thing to remember is that it is better to pick up items you need along the way instead of over-packing things you end up not needing.

2. Booking

You know it is getting serious when you book your transportation, accommodations, and activities for your trip around the world. There are agencies that offer RTW (Round the World) tickets and it can help to simplify things for you.

If you use a travel agent, he or she can help you with all of your flights, lodging accommodations, and other booking needs. Remember, booking in advance will help ensure that you get to attend the events you want to and save you time and money in the long run because it is all planned and paid for.

3. Complete Your Itinerary

Once you book your trip, it is time to complete your itinerary. This detailed plan for your trip around the world will help keep you organized when you hit the road.

The beauty of planning ahead and having everything in order takes the guesswork out of your travel and you will can relax and enjoy your time.

4. Vaccinations

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There are diseases and illnesses in other countries you may need to be vaccinated against. Once you have your route figured out, you will need to get the necessary vaccines.

Be sure to take proof of those vaccinations with you as some countries require them.

Also, get any medications, insurance documentation, or travel insurance you may need while you are away.

5. Get Your House in Order

Before you leave, make sure everything at home is taken care of for while you are on your trip. Arrange to have someone pick up your mail, take care of your animals, or oversee your home while you are away.

Whatever needs to be taken care of while you’re away, make sure it’s handled beforehand so you can relax on your trip and not worry about what’s going on at home.


Is the excitement building for your trip around the world? Once you have followed all the suggestions in this article, there will be nothing left to do but get excited! A trip around the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and with careful planning and preparation, there is no need for the stress that sometimes accompanies a trip like this. We hope these suggestions have made your dream of traveling around the world a little closer to becoming a reality. Happy traveling!