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When you’re planning for a wedding, there are many factors that add up into the cost of the wedding overall. One of those costs is for the wedding flowers that will decorate the bride, bridal party, and the tables at the reception. For those budgeting for a wedding, you may be wondering: how much do wedding flowers cost? In this article, we will dissect the cost of wedding flowers so you don’t have to!

Do you have a beautiful image in your head of the reception hall full of blooming flowers in the color pallet of your dreams? Before you start planning that, you have to consider: “how much do wedding flowers cost?” The average cost of flowers for a wedding runs around $1400. That said, some people have spent as little as $200 on their wedding flowers, while those at the other end of the spectrum have spent as much as $75,000 on their floral budget!

What, exactly, goes into the cost of wedding flowers? We have done the research to give you the answers about the cost of wedding flowers and what your money will be spent on when you order flowers. We also found some great tips for anyone looking to purchase wedding flowers on a budget who would like to save some money on their bouquets. Read on to find out how you can save money on wedding flowers!


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The average cost of wedding flowers is around $1400, and most couples spend between $700 and $2500 on their floral budget for their big day. The bride’s bouquet alone can cost around $200 – $300! This price can fluctuate wildly based on the type of flowers you want as well as the location of your wedding and the time of year you choose to get married in. Naturally, urban areas will likely charge more money for their floral services.

A good rule of thumb for anyone trying to predict the cost of their wedding flowers is to put aside roughly ten percent of your budget to account for the flowers. While that may seem like a big chunk of change, it’s important to remember that flowers make up a huge portion of the decorations at your wedding. Though you may be wondering where that money is going, we will break down the work that florists do to justify their costs.


While you may be curious about why wedding flowers are so expensive, we have the answers about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into beautifying your wedding day with flowers. The money spent on wedding flowers goes towards a whole host of tasks performed by the florist, including (but not limited to): the initial consultation, making up flower samples, sourcing the flowers themselves, processing and storing the flowers, arranging the flowers, delivering them, setting up the arrangements, and lastly, cleanup.

It should also be noted that extra money has to be spent on the flowers to account for the ones that are damaged by the time they are received by the florist. The flowers obtained by the florist will certainly be of better quality than those you can buy for less yourself at the grocery store. Then, the florist must prepare them by removing any thorns and cutting them where appropriate so that you have beautiful, high quality bouquets on your special day. It takes time and care to make sure only the finest flowers are used for your wedding day decorations.

Though you now know more about what goes into these flower arrangements, it should be emphasized that putting pretty bouquets together is tough work! That work is behind the answer to the question: how much do wedding flowers cost. If you are still determined to save money on your big day through your flower choices, read on to find the answer to how much do wedding flowers cost.


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For those who would rather spend their wedding budget on the cake, the dress, or even an amazing honeymoon, we have gathered tips so that you can pinch some pennies while planning for your big day. Though wedding flowers are pricey, you can still create a breathtaking event on a budget by following these suggestions.


To save money when buying your flower arrangements, pay attention to which flowers are in season at the moment. If you purchase flowers while they are out of season, you will pay more out of pocket for them. It’s also important to purchase flowers that will thrive in your wedding climate. For instance, if you purchase flowers that don’t do well in the heat when you have a beach wedding, you will spend more money on flowers that will have to be thrown away.

Similarly, you can cut costs by purchasing flowers that are local to your wedding venue. Instead of buying flowers that come from some exotic locale, you can purchase flowers that are local so that they will not cost as much money in either delivery or transportation costs. As a bonus, you will be supporting a local business owner as well.


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Not all of the flowers you purchase have to be roses. Instead of only buying expensive flowers that quickly rack up costs, try mixing inexpensive flowers like Baby’s Breath with your more elegant and pricey choices. You will get more bang for your buck this way, and your arrangements will still look gorgeous to both you and your guests. In photos, you often cannot even tell the difference between the types of flowers, so you will be fooling everyone while saving money!


Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s related to the previous point. One easy way to save money for those wondering “how much do wedding flowers cost” is to use flowers that take up more room. Even though flowers with tight floral blooms may appeal to you, they will cost more money in the long run to get the same impact you’re hoping for. Bulkier flowers that take up space when they bloom will provide voluminous and stunning centerpieces while keeping more of your money in your wallet.


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Every single bouquet comes with a cost at your wedding. Consider using your bridesmaids’ bouquets as beautiful table centerpieces at your reception. Are you interested in purchasing expensive flower arrangements for the ceremony? Instead of tossing them afterwards, see if there’s a way for the same arrangements to be used at your reception. This way you won’t spend nearly as much on flowers for two “events.”


Remember while decorating that the flowers don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting. It can be very costly to use only flowers to decorate each corner and table at your venue. Instead, try mixing candles and lighting in with the flowers, too. Candles can be very inexpensive and yet still add romance and intimacy to a table setting for your guests.

Another way to mix your decor up is to use larger sculptures and vases to hold the flowers, but not ones that need as many flowers to be filled. If the sculptures take up space and make a statement of their own, you will need fewer flowers to flesh out your decorations. And if they can’t hold as many flowers to begin with, you can save money while still making an impact.


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Not every plant you use has to be a flower, either. For those wanting to know “how much do wedding flowers cost,” you should remember that greenery can liven up a wedding in all shapes and forms. Instead of focusing solely on blooms, try using a statement plant such as elephant ear fronds for a dramatic centerpiece. You can add low cost herbs that will bring fragrance to your table as well.

Having a Western themed wedding? Try using cacti and succulents as decorations instead of flowers. Have the space for a wall full of plants? Try a plant wall full of greenery, with low cost flowers tossed in, for a selfie wall your guests won’t be able to resist. By getting creative and branching out when it comes to plants, you can often have gorgeous decorations without spending nearly as much money.


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Now that you know the work that goes into perfecting your wedding day flowers, you can get an accurate idea of your own floral budget. No matter what size wedding you wish to throw, you can find some beautiful floral arrangements that will complement the decor for your big day. With these budget-friendly tips in mind, you will be able to save money while still keeping your big day looking gorgeous! After you know the answer to the question how much do wedding flowers cost, you too can figure out how to create a stunning floral arrangement that works with your budget without breaking the bank.