NuBest Products Featured on NBC – USA

Recently, products from the NuBest brand appeared alongside lifestyle and wellness expert Jacky Herrera on the Daytime show on NBC – USA. Here, the expert introduced the wonderful nutritional formulas of NuBest’s product lines that support child and teen development, as well as the health and wellness products for adults. This high-profile appearance reaffirms NuBest’s commitments to quality standards, ingredient integrity, and product effectiveness.

NBC is the #1 television network in the USA. With an average monthly viewership of 131 million, NBC is one of the “big three” major broadcasters and digital media companies in America. While renowned for entertainment and social news, NBC also shares considerable content on health, wellness, and scientific lifestyles.

On last week’s Daytime NBC program, lifestyle expert Jacky Herrera highlighted NuBest’s Tall line of bone development supplements. “The nutritional formula contains the ‘golden trio’ in the NuBest Tall products to support strong bone growth: Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2. This combination allows a child’s body to absorb calcium effectively for stronger, healthier bones. Furthermore, the herbal extracts rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help ensure overall vibrant health,” the expert explained.

According to Herrera, NuBest Tall also offers convenient delivery methods like capsules, chewable tablets, and powdered drinks to make supplementation interesting and palatable for children to get all the essential nutrients. All products undergo stringent third-party testing and certifications to ensure safety for parents building a strong health foundation.

Beyond the NuBest Tall line for children and teens aged 2-19, the program also featured NuBest’s health and beauty products for adults and seniors. Drawing from her expertise, Herrera highlighted the amazing benefits from NuBest’s premium ingredient sources, advanced manufacturing technology, and certifications from renowned organizations like cGMP, FDA, and ConsumerLab.

Given NBC’s well-established media reputation, NuBest’s product lines had to meet rigorous criteria for safety, ingredient transparency, proven efficacy, ethical sourcing, third-party certifications, and truthful marketing claims to be featured. This high-profile NBC appearance reaffirms NuBest’s brand quality and commitment to providing premium health products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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